Wednesday, 20 September 2017

[KLPR005] DJ Monk - Stick Em Up / Gimmie Some More - Part 1 / Get Raw [Available To Purchase Now From KLP Records!!!]

A - Stick Em Up.
B1 - Gimmie Some More - Part 1.
B2 - Get Raw.

After a slew of rock solid, contemporary jungle, digital releases, DJ Monk takes another look into the K.L.P. Records D.A.T. archives to unleash another selection of Golden Age, mid-nineties jungle for the vinyl massive. Rewinding back to 1994-1995, DJ Monk presents his latest limited edition, three-track 12" single 'Stick Em Up / Gimmie Some More - Part 1 / Get Raw'. 

The EP opens to some ruffneck, gangstadelic junglism with the Paris sampling 'Stick Em Up', a track which effortlessly fuses together a rugged Think and Amen break percussive backing with a head-nodding bassline, rugged rap retorts and soulful female sighs to devastating effect. 

Up next we are introduced to the jazzy, saxophone led opening notes of 'Gimmie Some More - Part 1', which soon mutates into a tear-out, amen roller packed full of iconic oldskool female vox flavoured with turntablist scratch FX

The collection is brought to a close by 'Get Raw', a track packed full of scuttling breaks, massive Reese bass notes and Big Daddy Kane's no-nosense rap vocalisms to create a perfect marriage between rave culture and East Coast rap.    

If the turning point from ragga junglism to rap flavoured, dancefloor orientated  jump-up brings back fond memories to you, then you cannot pass up on this piece of K.L.P. Records jungle history.

DJ Monk's 'Stick Em Up / Gimmie Some More - Part 1 / Get Raw' Limited Edition 12" single is available to pre-order now from the official KLP Records Bandcamp page for £11.99 (plus postage & packaging). 

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