Friday, 8 September 2017

Introducing:: PETE S (UK)

PETE S is one of the recent outstanding positive surprises over Soundcloud, found after a search this week, thus decided to have some chance with him and make a little feature about his work and his story so far, in order to see his into the point tunes spreaded all around.

He's 34 years old, and he's been producing over the last 20 years, where he has made many tunes that they've been solely for his own pleasure and need to create music.
About a year ago he decided he had more than enough tracks to compile an album, so he decided to get some of them professionally mastered.

Into the Tracks
"We Used To Know" is the oldest one made that about 10 years ago.
"What We All Need" was made just weeks later, when his friend Macca 606 came round with some vocal samples on his USB. He had already written a piano riff and was in the process of figuring out what to do with it
By contrast "How Was I To Know" was made only 6 months ago, as he felt the album was missing a more Hardcore type track.
"As The Crow Flies" is his remix of a track by his mate Janski, as his original got lost though they agreed to call it a collaboration.
Similar with "Up In The Sky" and Kid Lib, it's Pete's remix of  Kid Lib original. He doesn't know him personally, but just been sent the stems via Soundcloud.

Listening to "The Prodigy Experience" was a big moment for him at the age of 9.
A time when he grew up with mixtapes, influenced by Jumping Jack Frost & Ratty at The Edge (late '92) and Grooverider at Fantazia World Tour Part 2 (late '93) as his all time favourites.
Some others noteworthy acts are: Tango, Doc Scott, Wax Doctor, Bizzy B, DJ Seduction, DJ SS, EQ, Jonny L, 4 Hero, Acen, Krome & Time, Nebula II, Noise Factory.


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