Wednesday, 13 September 2017

GL0WKiD gives away all his season 2016-2017 shows

A gift out to all Hardcore lovers of new generation and old crew, who are still keeping Hardcore alive inside their souls as well as each & everyone supporting Generation X [RadioShow] over the years.

Feel free to share, download and play these shows as much as you can. They're now given away for free with my full love & devotion to the scene, all producers and labels representing it and of course to all listeners and fans from various nations.
It's been a ruff and crazy season, running 29 shows in overall with guests like Billy Daniel Bunter, DJ Vibes, RatPack, DJ Fat Controller, Liquid (presenting his new album), Luna-C (celebrating 25 years of Kniteforce Records), Si from 2 Bad Mice for the act's 25 birthday, Mark Archer (celebrating 25 years of 'Full on Mask Hysteria'), DJ ComeRaveInPeace, Demcore, TNO Project, FFF, DieTRAX, Systec & Sir Rice.

My show will put a pause now, after 6 years in a row... I repeat it's only a pause...
Till next time fellas... Catch you up over socials and of course @ Strictly Nuskool Blog updates..


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