Saturday, 16 September 2017

[CUT033] Various - The Power Of The Darkside [Limited Edition CD Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Intro.
2/ Beats Are Broken - Meet Your Destiny.
3/ Virtuoso - Dark Presence.
4/ Abyss - I'll Be Back.
5/ Master Mash - The Dreamer Cometh.
6/ Danny Skeedale - Ghosts Of The Past.
7/ Breakbeat Scientist - Strangers.
8/ Deadly Nightshade - Nightmares.
9/ RenegadeGenius - Power Of The Darkness.
10/ Abstract Illusion - Leia's Gonna Dis U Right Now.
11/ Beat Rapist - Deviants And Teddy Bears.
12/ Unknown - Unknown???

Switchblade Digital are back once more with a roundup of the darkest, crustiest grimiest junglistc dubs with the release of the label's third album, 'The Power Of The Darkside'. Featuring 10 exclusive darkside cuts from the underground hardcore and jungle scene's most diabolical producers. The Strictly NuSkool Blog prepares itself for a journey to the DARKSIDE!!!  

Beats Are Broken sets the tone of the album with opening track, 'Meet Your Destiny', a punishingly dark slice of amen-fuelled junglism jam-packed with thundering bass patterns and brain scouring mentasm riffs set to give your speakers nightmares for weeks. Up next, 'Dark Presence' by Virtuoso takes the listener on a darkside trip by combining expertly layered breaks, pounding 4/4 kicks and ghostly pads to devastating effect. Watch out for the pitch black, downtempo switchup midway!!!

Switchblade Digital label boss Abyss takes the helm with his 1980's sci-fi flick influenced 'I'll Be Back', a track which celebrates the intensity of the classic nineties jungle sound whilst giving it a modern production overhaul for 2017. The inimitable Master Mash captures the spirit of jungle techno with his darkly melodic synth driven offering 'The Dreamer Cometh', which evokes the feelings of a rave flavoured, cinematic soundtrack to some long forgotten cyborg flick (in the same vein as it's predecessor). 

The thematic stylings of the album takes on a more contemporary turn with Danny Skeedale's menacing breakbeat track 'Ghosts of The Past', which injects plenty of oldskool flavour to the proceedings with it's combination of vintage Andy C synths and huge 'Anasthasia' stab-fest. Some guy called 'Breakbeat Scientist' drops another slice of dark hardcore, peppered with liberal helpings of 2008 home invasion horror movie samples with 'Strangers', taking inspiration from darkcore classics from the likes of Essence of Aura, Bizzy B and Chaos & Julia Set.

The ever prolific Deadly Nightshade makes his return to give us some 'Nightmares' by delivering a epic, tense, and richly structured breakbeat hardcore track populated with electrifying stab patterns, soaring pads and sinister strings. Paranoid Recordings very own RenegadeGenius rewinds us right back to 1993 with 'Power Of The Darkness', a track which instantly summons up memories of legendary labels such as Formation, Dark Horse and Face Records with it's authentic retro stylings.

Up next we go full-on jungle with Abstract Illusion's 'Leia's Gonna Dis U Right Now', which expertly combines iconic hip-hop rhyming with furiously sliced and diced, amen choppage like it was still 1995 and monstrous, growling bass drones. Beat Rapist brings the album to an Earth shattering close with 'Deviants & Teddy Bears' which blends together the very best elements of ruffneck junglism and grime encrusted, industrial tech-step to create an oppressive, yet hauntingly atmospheric finale.

Switchblade Digital have proven that the label has made it's mission to unearth the very best in underground, dark hardcore and jungle talent, and this latest collection illustrates that it has yet another hit on it's hands. If your soul belongs to the darkside, then this will satisfy all your dark desires!!!

'The Power Of The Darkside' exclusive, Limited Edition CD album is available to purchase from the official Switchblade Digital webstore for £8 (plus P&P). Quantities are extremely limited though, so you better be quick off the mark. 'The Power Of The Darkside' will also become available in digital formats also in the near future.

Abstract Illusion:
Beat Rapist:
Beats Are Broken:
Danny Skeedale:
Deadly Nightshade:
Master Mash:

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