Saturday, 30 September 2017

MUSIC MONDAYS BUNDLE: 'How To Squander Your Potential (VIP MIX)' - The Smart E's & Kniteforce Story - Christopher Howell & LTD 12" EP

'How To Squander Your Potential' is the personal book from the illustrious father of Kniteforce Records, Christopher Howell known as Luna-C in common. This one came officially out about 5 years ago and after all these years among the 25th anniversary of Kniteforce Records, it's now more fresher and more Hardcore, being determined to take you on a endless journey...
Music Mondays, the imprint of Hardcore General Billy Daniel Bunter, presents to the masses the VIP MIX of Luna-C's book, a new addition to label's quality book releases and a must-to-purchase for your librabry.

This new version is expanded including new chapters, new introduction and coming alongside a seriously limited and golden 12" EP with previously unreleasded tunes from back in the day!! All in all it seems to me that it's more kniteforced than ever!

(1) £30 Deluxe Bundle (Limited to 500 copies) - Hard Back Book / Name In Back Of Book / Limited Edition 12

2) £20 Hard Back Book - with Name In Back Of Book

The estimated delivery date is around 1st December, and all you need is to get it in the air and your friends all around the globe. Just ollow the pre-order link above.


Sunday, 24 September 2017

Subsidance Part 3 - Free Event 20th October 2017 Featuring 2 Bad Mice, Tony Vibe / RadioKillaZ, Dusty Ohms, Pressa, Ollie Roots & Harry Rox!!!

Subsidance Friday 20th October 2017 
18:00 Til 00:00.
@ Cafe 1001, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL.

October the 20th sees the Subsidance crew return for their third outing in providing London with the deepest, most immersive selection of jungle breaks, oldskool and nuskool flavoured breakbeat and downtempo beats for FREE!!! 

Taking up residence at the Cafe 1001 club, 91 Brick Lane, Subsidance presents yet another stellar selection of DJ's and artistes including Moving Shadow legend 2 Bad Mice, breakbeat don, Tony Vibes of RadioKillaZ fame, downtempo hip-hop maestro Dusty Ohms, Top Drawer Digital and Subsidance head honcho Pressa, the ever versatile Subsidance regular, Ollie Roots and the inimitable Harry Rox as master of ceremonies.

If deep subsonic basslines paired with rolling, breakbeats is your bag, then get yourself over to Subsidance 3 on Friday 20th October and prepare yourself for getting lost in bass!!!

For further details on Subsidance Part 3 follow the Facebook link below...

And for a taster of what to expect on the night, check out Ollie Roots Subsidance Promo Mix below...

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

[KLPR005] DJ Monk - Stick Em Up / Gimmie Some More - Part 1 / Get Raw [Available To Purchase Now From KLP Records!!!]

A - Stick Em Up.
B1 - Gimmie Some More - Part 1.
B2 - Get Raw.

After a slew of rock solid, contemporary jungle, digital releases, DJ Monk takes another look into the K.L.P. Records D.A.T. archives to unleash another selection of Golden Age, mid-nineties jungle for the vinyl massive. Rewinding back to 1994-1995, DJ Monk presents his latest limited edition, three-track 12" single 'Stick Em Up / Gimmie Some More - Part 1 / Get Raw'. 

The EP opens to some ruffneck, gangstadelic junglism with the Paris sampling 'Stick Em Up', a track which effortlessly fuses together a rugged Think and Amen break percussive backing with a head-nodding bassline, rugged rap retorts and soulful female sighs to devastating effect. 

Up next we are introduced to the jazzy, saxophone led opening notes of 'Gimmie Some More - Part 1', which soon mutates into a tear-out, amen roller packed full of iconic oldskool female vox flavoured with turntablist scratch FX

The collection is brought to a close by 'Get Raw', a track packed full of scuttling breaks, massive Reese bass notes and Big Daddy Kane's no-nosense rap vocalisms to create a perfect marriage between rave culture and East Coast rap.    

If the turning point from ragga junglism to rap flavoured, dancefloor orientated  jump-up brings back fond memories to you, then you cannot pass up on this piece of K.L.P. Records jungle history.

DJ Monk's 'Stick Em Up / Gimmie Some More - Part 1 / Get Raw' Limited Edition 12" single is available to pre-order now from the official KLP Records Bandcamp page for £11.99 (plus postage & packaging). 

What you waiting for? The link is below!!!

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

DJ WEAVY - Nuravebreaks 3hr special @ Piraterevival (16.09.2017)


Sparky - 2os Beeros
C & C Music Factory - Everybody Dance Now (Wes Smith's Freebass Remix)
Boy Raver - No Good For Me
Sparky - I Know
Pianohead - Cant Stand It
Flash Cats - A Moment In Time

Flash Cats - Getting Out
Retropolis - Negative Splashback
Bassraver - 92 dub
Richard Champion - Rock Ecstasy
Chiqui - Lovin You
Nayim - Music Is The Magic Key
Monks N Mort - I Knever Knew
Andy Wilson - I Need Somebody (Nefti Remix)
Gareth Monks - The Music Takes You
Gareth Monks - Come On Everybody
DJ CDC - I Need That Drug (Ecstasy)
Sweenee & EzeeTee - I Miss Your Loving (feat. DJ Absolute) (DJ Absolute Remix).
Richard Champion - We Dont Need You
Richard Champion - Everybody Dance Now
Bassraver - Party Freak
Chiqui - Party People
Chiqui - Move Your Body
Sonic Force - Rock N Roll Baby
Piano Junkies - What Is  A DJ
Dj Rave In Peace - Lost Angels
Bass Selective-Blow out II (Rinston Remix)
Gareth Monks - On A Subba Dub Tip
Paul Cronin - Back By Popular
Dj Mark C - 2Dark
The Prodigy - Everybody in the Place [Mr. Niceguy Remix]
Original Concept - Bad Man
Sy Kick - Nasty (Gareth Monks Remix)
Mindfields - Desire
Paul Cronin - Take Me Away
Nircon - Pump Up The Noise This Is A Rave
Sparki Dee - R.A.V.E
DJ Wislov - Death O Fall
Paul Cronin - Dance Now
Yudaidhun - That Style


Monday, 18 September 2017

SAMPLER19 - Panic! 33 - Judgement Night

German based nutter SAMPLER19 shows his appreciation to present's wealthy Hardcore Rave music and all outstanding releases offering a mental mix using vinyl & digital equipment.
Worth checking that out and if you'd love a copy, follow this link:  - password: raven


Mannik - Computers Are Taking Over The World
Ant To Be - Feeling This
Cru-L-T - I Can't Forget (DJ Jedi Mix)
Monks & Mort - After 8
Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - Ool Lortnoc (Nayim Remix)
Monks N Mort - I Knever Knew
Gareth Monks - The Music Takes You
Neurygma & Wislov - Journey To A Perfect World
Monks & Mort - Opal Fruits
DJ Rave In Peace - Stand By
Deadly Nightshade - Ravers Of 90'S Unite
Tempest 2000 In-Game Soundtrack - Digital Terror
Tempest 2000 In-Game Soundtrack - Constructive Demolition
Spirit Of Mind - Hand's in the Air (Original Mix)
Sy Kick - Nasty (Gareth Monks Mix)
Liquid - Sweet Harmony (Andy Wilson Remix)
Gareth Monks - The Ride
Rotteen - OHHH NOOO!
Starlight - Numero uno (Club Version)



Throughout the year 2017, the Tales From The Darkside are reborn again after almost 25 years. The original creators of this classic thumping breakbeat monster, Tango & Ratty (a.k.a David Smith & Jamie Giltrap) are given an absolutely fair revisit on the latest release by Manchester based label DigitalStorm Recordings.

It's been so long for us all who had already heard the previews on Soundcloud, but the time is now and is more ideal than ever. This is the first remix EP coming out with exclusive and banging remixes by DJ Producer, Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion, Mattycore, Mr.Psik & bstorm (label boss).
What differs from the others is the diversity of styles and the awesome fair and square result.
Noteworthy the fact that this is the first EP followed by a second one including remixes by DJ Vapour, Johnny Sideways, Ronin, Radiobomb, Stivs, Freddy Frogs, Okkie Dokkie, Civil Unrest (as already announced on label's facebook page).

So calling all the new generation and oldschool dark troopers to take your weapon and show your dark love to this slice of golden Hardcore taking yourself back to the future with four slamming remixes!

Out on a very limited number of 12" copies (300 units) alogside digital format.

Fav remix: "DJ Producer"









Sunday, 17 September 2017

[RARA 37] Samhain - The Launch [Available To Download Now From All Red Alfa Records Digital Stores!!!]

1/ The Launch.
2/ Mettle.
3/ Ex Machina.
4/ Freash Air.
5/ The View From Space.
6/ Jazz Club.
7/ Colours Shifting.
8/ Equals.
9/ Right Now.
10/ Back Home.
11/ Eden.
12/ Apocalypse.

Drum & Bass production house, Red Alfa Records unveils their very latest album, with the spotlight falling on mainstay contributor Samhain, introduces his brand new twelve track album, 'The Launch'.

We are first taken into the stratosphere with the title track, 'The Launch' which effortlessly sets the tempo with it's adrenalising combination of razor sharp, 2-step breaks, thunderous bassline and electrifying synth riff. We switch the tempo on 'Mettle', which first eases the listener with it's soothing Detroit style pad intro, before morphing into a heavyweight breakbeat number, complete with rasping mid-range stab pattern. 'Ex Machina' up next brings us back up to D&B speed with it's fusion of 200mph breaks and electrifying synth line.

'Fresh Air' drops a little bit of bleep and bass into the mix with it's infectiously catchy synth riff set to a minimalist breakbeat and acidic frills before we are introduced to the hand-in-the-air anthem that is 'The View From Space', which delivers a massive uplifting melody accompanied by hyper-kinetic beats that'll be guaranteed to get the crowd moving. 'Jazz Club' captures the same vibe as classic John B (circa his New Identity/Beta Recordings releases), with it's fusion of crisp breaks, gentle flute melody and double bass lead. 

Samhain shows that he isn't afraid to inject a little bit of feelgood, vocal house into the mix with 'Colours Shifting', which incorporates gorgeously ethereal female vox over soothing pads, before things go a touch darker with the menacing 'Equals'. A blistering two-step drum & bass number with a mid-range riff to die for. On 'Right Now' up next we are carried away on a series of rolling breaks and FX-ed vocal notes, backed by an undulating bassline and twisting leads.

'Back Home' offers a contrasting blend of heavyweight, tear-out beats and synths paired with emotive, symphonic strings to create a perfect balance between the rough and the smooth. The contemplative 'Eden' takes us on a serene breakbeat excursion accented by gentle, Oriental strings before the album goes out with a "BANG" with the industrial tinged, neuro belter, 'Apocalypse'. A track that could easily soundtrack the end of days.

If your musical tastes crave for highly polished and versatile tracks, then Samhain's magnum opus here will easily satisfy those cravings. Get this in your collection and Into your mixes A.S.A.P.!!!

Samhain's 'The Launch' album is available to download now from all good Red Alfa Records digital stores...




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Saturday, 16 September 2017

[CUT033] Various - The Power Of The Darkside [Limited Edition CD Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Intro.
2/ Beats Are Broken - Meet Your Destiny.
3/ Virtuoso - Dark Presence.
4/ Abyss - I'll Be Back.
5/ Master Mash - The Dreamer Cometh.
6/ Danny Skeedale - Ghosts Of The Past.
7/ Breakbeat Scientist - Strangers.
8/ Deadly Nightshade - Nightmares.
9/ RenegadeGenius - Power Of The Darkness.
10/ Abstract Illusion - Leia's Gonna Dis U Right Now.
11/ Beat Rapist - Deviants And Teddy Bears.
12/ Unknown - Unknown???

Switchblade Digital are back once more with a roundup of the darkest, crustiest grimiest junglistc dubs with the release of the label's third album, 'The Power Of The Darkside'. Featuring 10 exclusive darkside cuts from the underground hardcore and jungle scene's most diabolical producers. The Strictly NuSkool Blog prepares itself for a journey to the DARKSIDE!!!  

Beats Are Broken sets the tone of the album with opening track, 'Meet Your Destiny', a punishingly dark slice of amen-fuelled junglism jam-packed with thundering bass patterns and brain scouring mentasm riffs set to give your speakers nightmares for weeks. Up next, 'Dark Presence' by Virtuoso takes the listener on a darkside trip by combining expertly layered breaks, pounding 4/4 kicks and ghostly pads to devastating effect. Watch out for the pitch black, downtempo switchup midway!!!

Switchblade Digital label boss Abyss takes the helm with his 1980's sci-fi flick influenced 'I'll Be Back', a track which celebrates the intensity of the classic nineties jungle sound whilst giving it a modern production overhaul for 2017. The inimitable Master Mash captures the spirit of jungle techno with his darkly melodic synth driven offering 'The Dreamer Cometh', which evokes the feelings of a rave flavoured, cinematic soundtrack to some long forgotten cyborg flick (in the same vein as it's predecessor). 

The thematic stylings of the album takes on a more contemporary turn with Danny Skeedale's menacing breakbeat track 'Ghosts of The Past', which injects plenty of oldskool flavour to the proceedings with it's combination of vintage Andy C synths and huge 'Anasthasia' stab-fest. Some guy called 'Breakbeat Scientist' drops another slice of dark hardcore, peppered with liberal helpings of 2008 home invasion horror movie samples with 'Strangers', taking inspiration from darkcore classics from the likes of Essence of Aura, Bizzy B and Chaos & Julia Set.

The ever prolific Deadly Nightshade makes his return to give us some 'Nightmares' by delivering a epic, tense, and richly structured breakbeat hardcore track populated with electrifying stab patterns, soaring pads and sinister strings. Paranoid Recordings very own RenegadeGenius rewinds us right back to 1993 with 'Power Of The Darkness', a track which instantly summons up memories of legendary labels such as Formation, Dark Horse and Face Records with it's authentic retro stylings.

Up next we go full-on jungle with Abstract Illusion's 'Leia's Gonna Dis U Right Now', which expertly combines iconic hip-hop rhyming with furiously sliced and diced, amen choppage like it was still 1995 and monstrous, growling bass drones. Beat Rapist brings the album to an Earth shattering close with 'Deviants & Teddy Bears' which blends together the very best elements of ruffneck junglism and grime encrusted, industrial tech-step to create an oppressive, yet hauntingly atmospheric finale.

Switchblade Digital have proven that the label has made it's mission to unearth the very best in underground, dark hardcore and jungle talent, and this latest collection illustrates that it has yet another hit on it's hands. If your soul belongs to the darkside, then this will satisfy all your dark desires!!!

'The Power Of The Darkside' exclusive, Limited Edition CD album is available to purchase from the official Switchblade Digital webstore for £8 (plus P&P). Quantities are extremely limited though, so you better be quick off the mark. 'The Power Of The Darkside' will also become available in digital formats also in the near future.

Abstract Illusion:
Beat Rapist:
Beats Are Broken:
Danny Skeedale:
Deadly Nightshade:
Master Mash:

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BOB007:: DJ Destiny - Beats Vol 1 [ROGUE SQUADRON]

01. Heavyweight 
02. Feel So Good 
03. Rogue Summer 
04. Very Disturbing Indeed

Rogue Squadron Recordings new weapon has been unleashed this week presenting label's co-owner DJ DESTINY on his first personal EP of mad breakbeats and evolved oldskool sound.
A must to purchase digital EP for your collection either you're an Oldskool lover or Nuskool soldier, this mental 4tracker is all what you need to fuel your time with a stunning dose of breakbeats!

Fav tune: Rogue Summer



Thursday, 14 September 2017

Mark Archer - Acid Experiment Promo Mix

The man behind the mask, title given and known of his own book, Mark Archer, has put out a seriously mental mix of Acid House, Techno and House tunes including artists like 808 State, Artwork, B.Traits, Mele & Denis Sulta (just to name a few).
This mix is exclusive one, celebrating the collaboration work over the last year between NLA Artists management and the Acid Experiment.

And, the most appropriate man to do such a thing is Acid Experiment resident DJ and Oldschool master, Mark Archer one half of the legendary Altern-8, who's also celebrating his personal 30 years in music industry, thus you can get in touch for bookings and all related on his agency contact (via here)


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

GL0WKiD gives away all his season 2016-2017 shows

A gift out to all Hardcore lovers of new generation and old crew, who are still keeping Hardcore alive inside their souls as well as each & everyone supporting Generation X [RadioShow] over the years.

Feel free to share, download and play these shows as much as you can. They're now given away for free with my full love & devotion to the scene, all producers and labels representing it and of course to all listeners and fans from various nations.
It's been a ruff and crazy season, running 29 shows in overall with guests like Billy Daniel Bunter, DJ Vibes, RatPack, DJ Fat Controller, Liquid (presenting his new album), Luna-C (celebrating 25 years of Kniteforce Records), Si from 2 Bad Mice for the act's 25 birthday, Mark Archer (celebrating 25 years of 'Full on Mask Hysteria'), DJ ComeRaveInPeace, Demcore, TNO Project, FFF, DieTRAX, Systec & Sir Rice.

My show will put a pause now, after 6 years in a row... I repeat it's only a pause...
Till next time fellas... Catch you up over socials and of course @ Strictly Nuskool Blog updates..


Monday, 11 September 2017

PURSUIT - After Rave (15track Free Unmixed Album)

04. WE ARE THE BASS (time to get down !) 
08. SPARKY DEE - R.A.V.E (pursuit's nu-rave remix) 
15. WORMZ 2017

UK Nu-Rave tune machine returns instantly after his recent double CD album, offering a gift out to all fans of him and the whole Hardcore movement!
Funny how this new album is given away for free, but DJ Pursuit from Hull shows his love and proves again his production skills, sitting on the top of the established Hardcore lieutenants at present.
"AFTER RAVE" consists of 15 ultimate tracks covering Hardcore Breaks, Techno, Junlge and Happy Hardcore sounds. In a few words, anything needed to fill your time with revampled oldschool flavours from the hands of mr. Pursuit!


Sunday, 10 September 2017

[RAVERTOOTH015] GRAZ - Internet Remix Party Vol.4 [RAVERTOOTH TIGER]

Artwork by Brainform

The 4th chapter of 'Internet Remix Party' albums by GRAZ is out now on his own imprint, Ravertooth Tiger including 6 slammers of remixes inside this digital weapon!!
I should dare and say that this is the 'album of the month'. It's an absolute huge result remixing names like Katy Perry, Grimes, Stardust, Jax Jones, Melanie Martinez and Galantis and their hits. Graz scores again and proves by all means how music thirsty & busy he is.
Big blend of Drum & Bass, Hardcore Techno, Footwork elements, rave attitude, Ravertooth little tigers all around with a Seattle signature.

Grab it digitally and share the Internet Remix Party news all around.


NEEKEETONE - Sad MP3z (24track Free Album)

Moscow based quality producer/DJ, NEEKEETONE sums up a huge compilation of his very own material consisting of 24 tunes totally.
"Sad MP3z" is his recent compilation album under various genres like Jungle, Dancehall, Footwork, Ragga and Juke, given away on free download/pay what you want via his bandcamp page.


Saturday, 9 September 2017

[QPA019] Schoco - Rave Copy - This Feeling [Available To Download From All Quantum Progression Audio Stores Now!!!]

1/ Rave Copy.
2/ This Feeling.
3/ Rave Copy (DeadlySub Remix).
4/ This Feeling (VIP).

Quantum Progression Audio take you on a deep bass excursion with the release of breakbeat don, Schoco's 'Rave Copy' EP. Featuring four expertly crafted jungle breaks tracks heavily steeped in rave history.

The collection opens to the sounds of title track, 'Rave Copy', which delivers a minimalist fusion of scuttling breaks, deep sub-bass pulses and soaring pads before the listener is hit with a devastating combination of rubber-band bass twangs and searing 'Anasthasia' stabs.
'This Feeling' takes us on a less 'abrasive' journey, with it's fusion of deep and atmospheric synth melodies and emotive piano notes set to a background of heavyweight beats and undulating bassline. Giving a tip of the hat to those proto drum & bass tracks of the early nineties.  

Up next, 'Rave Copy' receives an incendiary remix from DeadlySub which contrasts the near skeletal structure of the original mix with it's liberal helping of additional vocals samples, jittery, footwork-jungle beat patterns accented with amen break inserts, dubby soundscapes and atonal bass drones.
Bring the EP to a close we have Schoco present 'The Feeling (VIP)', which drops a stripped back and stepping breakbeat over the haunting atmospherics of the original version accented with ghostly, Burial-esque female vocals scattered throughout.

Schoco one again proves that he is the undisputed master of next level, deep and intelligent bass and breaks music with this masterful selection of rough and rugged, yet incredibly emotive tracks. This is an essential pick up for all lovers of rave and jungle tinged. 140 breakbeat music!!! 

Schoco's excellent Rave Copy' EP is available to download now from all good Quantum Progression Audio digital stockists and streaming stores now...

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