Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Return of ENORMOUS MOUSE!! EM009:: Stu & Nee, Boykz & Chapman, Nervous & Anxious [12" LTD Edition & Digital - PreOrder now]

A1 - Boykz & Chapman - Relapse
A2 - Stu & Nee - Out of my Head
B1 - Nervous & Anxious - Further More
B2 - Stu & Nee - All You Need (Boykz & Chapman Remix)

Dear reader and Hardcore fan, yes it's true what you're going to read about and order after a while...

The return of Enormous Mouse is a real fact, consider this and pay attention to its brand new 12" EP coming out straight from the good early days of Hardcore Breaks managed by 2 pioneers and good pals like Stu & Nee, from Australia with love.
Beside them is UK based Boykz (co-owner of oldschool label, Flyte Records) and the almighty duet from Finland, Nervious & Anxious who have never given up their try and work in the Nuskool Hardcore scene.
And the official statement about the tunes says it all in overall...

- Relapse is a 4 x 4 breakbeat darkside smasher with a big Tango & Ratty sound to it.

- Out Of My Head - This is a very catchy Piano Hardcore tune with 4 x 4 beats, breakbeats and catchy b-lines which would mix nicely with any Impact Records vinyl from '92.

- Nervous & Anxious go full steam ahead with a melting pot of firin' breakbeats, 80's style computer speech, female vox and quirky electronic synths....HARDCORE!

- All You Need Remix - What a tune to end an ep with, this has a mature sound to it with it's classy vocals and Piano breakdown, you'll be humming this one for days!

This EP will be officially out and shipping on 29th September, so you'd better hurry up because this is for sure a coveted item kind like the Peace on Wax recent Vinyl EP by Systec & Shar-Pei, which has been quickly sold out.

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