Sunday, 6 August 2017

[KFA83] Timme - Timmesound EP (Executive Edition) [Exclusive 6-Track EP Available To Download Now From Kniteforce Again!!!]

1/ Forbidden.
2/ Ed Gain.
3/ Happiness.
4/ Bad Choice.

Executive Edition Bonus Track
5/ UTurn.
6/ Happiness (Clayfighter Remix). 

It has been way too long since I last reviewed a Kniteforce Again release, so while the Strictly NuSkool Blog's resident hardcore-head, GL0WKiD is on his hols it's time for the Breakbeatscientist to see what the label's been up to. 
In addition the Kniteforce parent label's recent foray into revitalising it's vinyl output, and kick-starting the official Kniteforce Records radio station, KFA has not been resting on it's laurels to bring you the freshest in rave-fuelled electronic music. For KFA83 we are introduced to label newcomer, Timme's massive 'Timmesound EP (Executive Edition)'.

Timme kicks off the EP with some deep, dark and dirty drum & bass action with the positively monolithic 'Forbidden', a track which combines ten-tonne, steppin' breaks with a snarling bass riff that would put the fear into Godzilla himself. Up next the darkness continues with 'Ed Gain', a pitch black slice of neurofunk that's slinks accross the dancefloor with it's monstrous bassline and razor sharp Anasthasia stabs, like a sonic serial killer.

'Happiness' takes us on a more upbeat journey with it's unique blend of euphoric pianos and EDM bass-riffs welded onto a solid D&B framework that only a label such as Kniteforce could pull off releasing. Is the world ready for happy Drum & Bass yet? Only time will tell! With 'Bad Choice' we are once more given an example of what would have happened if the D&B scene had stuck to it's original rave roots, with it's hyper-kinetic fusion of heavyweight breaks and Reese bass drones clashing with electrifying stabs and  4/4 kicks.

The aforementioned hardcore/D&B crossover continues with the first of the exclusive Executive Edition bonus tracks with the adrenalising 'UTurn' (watch out for those Hyper-On Experience style synths!!!) before Kniteforce's very own Clayfighter delivers an immense 4/4, happy hardcore relick of 'Happiness' to ensure that the powerstomp crew gets a nod too.

For a debut release, Timme proves his mettle by delivering a potent selection of dancefloor friendly rave anthems that have huge crossover potential for both drum & bass headz, nuskool rave fiends and upfront hardcore lovers too. Get onnit peeps!!! The 'Scientist's top pick is the stab-tastic 'Ed Gain'!!!

Timme's 'Timmesound EP (Executive Edition)' is available to download now from the official Kniteforce Records website for a very limited time only, before reverting to it's standard 4-track, standard release, so if you want to get your hands on 'UTurn' and that exclusive Clayfghter remix, then you better be quick!!!


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