Sunday, 16 July 2017

[PRMP3029] Forthryte - Forthryte EP [Free Download From Paranoid Recordings!!!]

1/ Love.
2/ E-Bomb.
3/ Hardcore Rockers.
4/ Break It Up.

Coming in with another top-notch, artist showcase selection. Paranoid Recordings unveils their very latest four track collection of exhilarating nuskool, breakbeat hardcore tracks with Forthryte's free to download 'Forthryte EP'.

First up to the plate we are time-warped back to 1992 where sublime piano melodies, rolling breaks and ecstatic vocal samples reign supreme on 'Love', a track which expertly blends together melancholic piano notes with iconic soul diva vox ('you gave me love, like a river overflowing') to create an emotive, yet adrenalising anthem. 
Up next, we are blasted with the 'E-Bomb', a tune which combines vintage, Manix style pianos compositions over rugged, oldskool jungle breaks and deep bass notes, overlaid with euphoric female vocals.

'Hardcore Rockers' takes us on a trip to the darkside with it's intense fusion chugging breaks, pulsating bassline, panic-stricken FX and moody pads straight out of the 1993 Formation Records school of hardcore and junglism. To round off the EP we are introduced to 'Break It Up', which instantly eschews the moodiness of it's predecessor by delivering an uplifting melting pot of hyper-kinetic stab motifs, and soaring pads.

In their quest to discover the hottest underground breakbeat hardcore talent, Paranoid Recordings have unearthed a real gem with Forthryte here. An excellent selection of nuskool rave anthems, with the darkside tinged 'Hardcore Rockers' being the pick of the bunch for me.

The 'Forthryte EP' is available to download for free from Paranoid Recordings, so make sure you show your appreciation by sharing an commenting on the Paranoid Recordings Soundcloud link below...

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