Sunday, 9 July 2017

AEON FOUR - Tales From The Stroboscopic Ocean (Debut - 10track Digital Album)

01. Orbital
02. Nature
03. Oath
04. Future Atlantis
05. Techno Prisoners
06. Indigo
07. Solace
08. Sapphire
09. Djinn
10. Void

We had made a special review some months ago about these talented & devoted brothers from Finland and that's noteworthy a lot as they've finally released an outstanding and long awaited result on their first full length album titled "Tales From The Stroboscopic" which consists of 10 10 outstanding tunes of Oldskool feelings and techniques ready to take you higher and dive into the past.
Matt and Heikki Sato-Hunsala have teamed up on this great album, one of my personal favourites mental works of this year, on a mission embrace your heart by warehouse, piano breaks, jungle breaks as well as chilling vibes inside.
Personal tunes "Nature" and "Techno Prisoners".

This LP is out now on digital format.



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