Saturday, 10 June 2017

[PRMP3028] Henry Burner Vs Exploynk - EP [Free WAV Download From Paranoid Recordings!!!]

1/ Henry Burner - Scapegoat.
2/ Henry Burner - Genetic Fuck Up.
3/ Explonyk - Time To Get XX.
4/ Explonyk - Ishima Hamho.

Paranoid Recordings return with another exemplary addition to their long running series of free EP's, this time showcasing the talents of Henry Burner and partner in crime Exploynk who present to us four essential hardcore-techno tracks.

Henry Burner steps up to the plate first with 'Scapegoat', a caustic slice of hard-hitting, oldskool style, acid techno set to a militant 4/4 beat and overlaid with an ever mutating acid riff and bubbling bassline accented with jittery drum hits and hi-hats. Companion piece 'Genetic Fuck Up' takes on a more subtle, techno-trance approach, with it's gradual building intro which soon evolves into an epic, tribalistic, acid groove.

Exploynk presents his own unique take on techno flavoured, breakbeat hardcore with the haunting 'Time To Get XX', a track which expertly combines chugging breaks and pounding kicks over a sinister synth score, accented with hip-hop soundbites. With the final track in the collection, 'Ishima Hamho', we are introduced to a deep and experimental slice of breakbeat hardcore, in a similar vein to obscure Absolute 2, Reinforced Records B-Sides from '92-'93.

If the sounds of pounding kickdrums, acidic squelches, deep, throbbing techno basslines and crunching breakbeats are your thing, then Henry Burner and Exploynk have just what it takes to satisfy your musical cravings right here!!! 

The 'Henry Burner Vs Exploynk EP' is available to download for free from Paranoid Recordings in high quality WAV format, so remember to give the label a follow and comment to say thanks!

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