Sunday, 4 June 2017

[CRTNPR 017] Worldwide Epidemic - Found / Horizon + [CRTNPR 018] Fushara & Infest - Infinity / The Complete Solution [10" Singles Available To Buy Now From Criterion Records!!!]

Criterion Records return to spearhead 2017's Summer of jungle with two exemplary releases from Worldwide Epidemic and Fushara & Infest only available on limited edition, 10" vinyl.

A-Side - Found.
B-Side - Horizon.

Antipodean producer Worldwide Epidemic eschews his trademark jungle techno persona to showcase his ability to deliver sleek, and soulful, yet razor-sharp drum and bass with his 'Found / Horizon' single.

Worldwide Epidemic introduces us to the sublime, yet tearing 'Found'. An exhilarating synthesis of heavenly pad sounds and deep bass pulses layered over hard-hitting amens layered with 'Life Could' break edits/ 'Found' delivers a perfect balance of light and dark elements whilst retaining a uniquely positive vision. 

On the flipside, companion piece 'Horizon' blends together an intoxicating blend of uplifting and inspirational elements over rugged bunk breaks, before dropping a surprise recreation of the hook from Mental Cube's 1991 warehouse anthem. 

Worldwide Epidemic proves that he is just adept at dropping innovative and adrenalising drum & bass as he is at producing awe-inspiring, new-breed jungle-tekno. An essential purchase!!!

The Worldwide Epidemic 'Found / Horizon' 10" vinyl is available to purchase now for €10.00 (+ P&P) from the Criterion Records webstore link below, and has been mastered by Sappo Mastering.

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A-Side - Fushara & Infest - Infinity.
B-Side - Fushara - The Complete Soution.

Accompanying Worldwide Epidemic, frequent Omni Music contributors, Fushara & Infest present their very own contemporary take on the iconic intelligent jungle sound of the mid-nineties with the release of 'Infinity / The Complete Solution'. 

Opening to a series of lush, soaring pads, Fushara & Infest's 'Infinity' fuses deep, emotive atmospherics with fierce amen breaks to create an intelligent jungle masterpiece which easily equals the output of Photek, Source Direct and PFM during their heyday. 

Fushara goes solo on 'The Complete Solution' and delivers an equally stirring, yet slightly darker tinged take on the deep drum & bass sound with it's use of rolling breakbeats, subsonic bass booms and electrifying, vibrato-synth notes. 'The Complete Solution' captures the very essence of sci-fi flavoured and cinematic music set to a frenetic, percussive backing.  

If you find yourself moved by deep and futuristic D&B then Fushara & Infest's latest contribution to the scene will be a must for your collection!!!

The Fushara & Infest 'Infinity / The Complete Solution' 10" vinyl is available to purchase now for €10.00 (+ P&P) from the Criterion Records webstore link below, and has been mastered by Sappo Mastering.

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