Monday, 15 May 2017

LOWERCASE - The Big Finale @ LAZER FM [14th May 2017]


Dj Mannik - Computers are taking over the world.
Dj Jedi - Bring the beat back.
Ant To Be - Feeling this.
Cry-L-T - I can't forget (Dj Jedi remix).
Ant To Be - Nobody likes me.
Ant To Be - Untitled riddim.
Dj Luna-C - Black static.
Dj Luna-C - Free as the Sky (Hyper On Experience remix).
Sanxion - Waiting on my feelings.
2 Croozin' - Code red (Fat Controller remix).
Alex Jungle - We are the originals.
Ant To Be - Stranges.
Cru-L-T - Snow in summer (Alex Jungle remix).
Dj Jedi - Bring the beat back (Cru-L-T remix).
Empyreal - ADM (Luna-C's 1994 remix).
Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Tale me away.
Cru-L-T - I can't forget.
Dj Brisk - Make it rough (Sunny & Deck Hussy remix).
Dj Ham - It would be (Luna-C remix).
Dj Luna-C - Kaos & Fire (Dj Deluxe remix).
Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Can't you see (Paul Bradley remix).
Dj Poosie - It's gonna be (Justin Time remix).
Luna-C & Reeve - A million miles.
Richie Whizz - Song of angels (Shadowplay remix).
Anglerfish & Lucider - Set me free (luna-C's old skool remix).
Blunted - Freedom.
Future Primitive - Infect me (Idealz remix).
Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Runaway (Anglerfish & Lucider remix).
Dj Luna-C - Piano obsession.
Alk-E-D - Shining Bright.
Dj Force & the Evolution - High on life (Saiyan & Cru-L-T remix).
Dj Luna-C - Fly to heaven.
Belladonnakillz - Kill Bella Donna.
Alk-E-D - Raw (Scartat remixxx).
Dj Poosie - Gotta get down (Doughboy remix).
Dj Sike - Bongo Bong (Clayfighter remix).
Strange Brotherhood - My ghost (Saiyan & Cru-L-T remix).
Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Six Days (Scartats WTF did you do remix).
2 Xperience - Never give up (Empyreal remix).
Dj Genki - Fcuk unicorns (Jakazid remix).
Dj Luna-C - Fuck me Egyptian style.
Dj Mannik - Everything is getting dark.


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