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Interview with Michael Coleman about his brand new book "Old Skool Rave"

 Interview by GL0WKiD

Mick is a schoolboy of sixteen living in Hackney, just north of the city in the early nineties. He's just coming of age as he starts college and his life about to change beyond all doubt influenced by the biggest social, music drug and culture change since the sixties; the advent of dance party raves! Unwittingly and as a naive young man, drawn in from the general user and raver to the much darker underworld of the dealers and gangs who fuel the scene and Mick's life takes many twists and turns in the underbelly, deeply engrained in the depths of the scene and the shady characters who frequent it.

This is the summary of South London based author, Michael Coleman's brand new book titled 'Old Skool Rave', which came out a few months ago, aiming to rewind memories and take you to a raw path of a time machine.
Michael Coleman opens his files about his new book on Strictly Nuskool Blog.
Check out the following exclusive interview with him.

Hello Michael! I've noticed that "Old Skool Rave" is your debut book, so would like to ask you first of all how easy was writing it and how have you personally lived up that period back then?

Yes , this is my first published but I'd written one previously, which will be published next later this year of different genre. The writting was actually easy as am so passionate about this era which was a groundbreaking & lifechanging time for me in my teens and so wanted to do it and make it the best and as realistic as it could be of the time.

When I write I live it and bring in the surroundings too & of the time like clothing, cars e.t.c and some events did happen too so was there in my head anyway. I write in pen and just one side of A4 a day to keep it fresh. Back then, for many years I lived and breathed that scene, that was my life and pretty much all that mattered.

How long did it take you to sort it out?

Overall, two and a half to three years as editing alone with the publishers and editor took around six to eight months and that's the bit I don't enjoy as I just like the writting and productive side and living the story and life of the book.
Editor and publishers were great though and easy to work with.

What's your aim through this book and how you took the decision to write about it?

My aim was firstly, create a book that will do justice to the scene back then and the way I thought of it and loved it so anyone reading can experience to a certain extent and maybe learn more about it, even if your not a raver you can look into that world and maybe see what makes a raver tick and how they may life their life and why. As in question 1, my passion for it and whilst writting your living and creating it and that was a bick kick for me.
I'm just happy if anyone reads this and enjoys it whoever they are.

Do you think that Mick (the main hero) is still living in present's buzz?

I'm sure he is but he's definitely matured more now and more sensible and grown up.
His life wasn't sustainable and the pitfalls were to risky to pursue for a long period.
Its viable in a fiction book but long term, seeing these behaviours and now well over twenty years later from '91, they're short lived if you live a life like Mick unless you want trouble in your life and stretches in prison. You can maybe live in such depth as he did for a while but your best not taking so much risk and everything can be lost in a moment.

He's matured now and learnt this having seen what happens to people who live this life over time, it comes to an abrupt end in crime and he's now more mature, definitely raves still as once a raver always a raver and that never dies, its in your blood and he'll be raving for many more years yet!!

I'd like your opinion about the differences of Old Skool to the nowdays scene? Do you personally see any kind of evolution?

I think back then, it was obviously far more groundbreaking and you knew something amazing and massive was happening and you were part of it and it was changing so fast. The book covers this too. '91 it was coming into the clubs more after the bill the government brought in the 'Criminal Justice Bill ' with illegal acid house parties and the music had evolved from the 'Acid' sound to what was the 'Hard Core' and has to be some of the most amazing and dynamic cutting edge music ever in my eyes.

It really was so futuristic and was a sound of the future with these skilled musicians utilizing the modern synthesising equipment to it full degree as no one seemed to have done before. The music blew your mind and was perfect for that time and still sounds as good today as it did then.

I think now, its a given, the scene and raving is loved and here to stay, still modern and evolving and very respected enjoyable friendly culture.

As ever I'm asking this question.
What's your own top 5 favourite Old Skool tunes?

There's so many I love so this is difficult...

1. I love Timelapse 'Sued for a Sample' straight out of Romford as its so raw and dynamic and have very fond memories and is a top top but probably not so well known tune.

2. 'This Sound is for the Underground' by Krome & Time.
Sums up the amazing highs and utopian times at the height of a good rave in the midst or at a New Years eve Rave summed it all up and you knew exactly what it was all about and you and every raver at that moment were as one on one amazing high and usually unachievable level.

3. Rhythmn for Reasons 'Grand National' for pure rawness and for me a real transition tune from Hardcore into more Jungle and very much of the time.

4. The Prodigy 'Everybody in the Place'. The Prodigy deserve a place in my Top 5 and this one just always reminded me of the start of a rave and everybody getting there all nice and fresh and getting on it and easing you into it.

5. X Project 'Walking in the Air' of the time and sheer powerful tune and RAW too.

Are you satisfied with the whole feedback and responce already receiving?

Yes, absolutely over the moon to be honest. When you've written a book you don't really know how it will read to others but the feedback has been amazing. The amount of people who have contacted me to say how much they loved it and also how quickly some read it, one lady in just two days!!

Also I thought it would be more for a younger age range but one man in his seventies said he loved it and read it in three days and all the other great comments like 'You know your stuff ' or 'I felt like I was there!' and 'What great detail' e.t.c . it makes me really pleased and has given me the confidence in it to know I have a good book and story here, so really inspires me to continue to write which I am.

What can we expect coming out next from you? Thoughts of a sequel soon?

Yes, I am currently editing with the publisher my next book which will be out later this year which is a late 60's / 70's London gangster novel. I am currently writting a book more aimed for the female market and about a relationship/love affair, which goes wrong and torment and other issues involved too and then the sequel to this.

It will continue from around '97 where this one ends and will be called 'OLD SKOOL RAVE (THE GARAGE YEARS)' so will go from that era where the UK Garage kinda came off the back of the D & B and blew up and was another groundbreaking time I think and that music era is still very popular today and has lead to other genre's like Grime and Bassline e.t.c.

I also intend to write some commedy after that as I love commend and humour.

Shouts out to anyone played a key role for this release?

Big shouts out to all those who have and continue to believe in me, my family, friends, 'Publish nation', Natalie Hallam for typing up everything I write and all the ravers and everyone out there and your good self , love to all and many thanks!

Michael xx

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