Saturday, 29 April 2017

OCTOTRAX Subscription 2017 + USB

Oldskool redefined label of OCTOTRAX has previewed one more great offering to all label fans, or even piano house and oldskool lovers, a noteworthy purchase.
Check out what is all about on their official message.

"Octotrax 16GB USB Subscription Sticks...

Not only are they super stylish, they also come pre-loaded with all our releases to date, plus exclusive unreleased tracks (in WAV and 320MP3 format).

Once purchased you will be added to our promo mailing list for 2017. We release one track a month so you will receive a guaranteed minimum of a further 12 releases, each track a month before the official release date, emailed direct so you can add them straight to your Octotrax USB.

USB Contents

Pianohead - Blast From The Past EP - (Vinyl Only Release!)

Tell Me Why
Take Me Back
Baby x 2

Octotrax Releases

OCT001 - Pianohead - Be Strong
OCT002 - Pianohead - Not Much Heaven
OCT003 - Sparky - Touch Me
OCT004 - Sparky - Rock Ya!
OCT005 - Dakeyne - B-Funked - Retropolis Remix
OCT005 - Dakeyne - B-Funked - Pianohead Remix

Bonus Trax

Pianohead - Addicted
Pianohead - Tellin' Me
Pianohead - Passion
Pianohead - Only Begun To Love Ya


Octotrax Showcase Vol 1 - Pianohead
Octotrax Showcase Vol 2 - Retropolis

2017 Releases

Oct006 - Retropolis - Let it Feel (Jan)
Oct007 - Retropolis - This is My Heart (Feb)
Oct008 - Pianohead - Never Cared (Mar)
Oct009 - Pianohead - Do Me Wrong (Apr)
Oct010 - Retropolis - The Only One (May)
Oct011 - Retropolis - Reckless (Jun)

The subscription includes our 12 releases for the year (Oct006 - Oct0017), so if you join now or a few months down the line you will still receive all the tracks. Plus we have a very exclusive 4 track Pianohead EP coming out later in the year only for our subscribers :D

Overall a total of 26+ tunes, exclusive 4 track EP, 2 mini-mixes, USB and even an Octotrax sticker...
Only £19.99 inc postage (UK)"


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