Saturday, 29 April 2017

[KAMBO 003] The Wize Guys - Better That Sound E.P. [Available To Download Now From Kambo Records!!!]

1/ Da Marimbula.
2/ Better That Sound.
3/ Symmetry.
4/ Shadow Tactics.

The vintage jungle-tekno sound of 1993/1994 was a short lived, yet highly progressive period within the history of rave music. With the release of the 'Better That Sound E.P.'The Wize Guys and Kambo Records set out to carry on the legacy of legendary jungle-tekno labels such as Smooth Recordings, Basement Records and Sound Entty Records.

We are first greeted to the darkly atmospheric opening of 'Da Marimbula', which soon involves into a stepping, Think break jungle cut, heavily steeped in dub bass and chiming, techno melodies. Title track, 'Better That Sound' up next carries on in a similar fashion with it's combination of crisp breaks overlaid with a deep bassline, sinister strings and pounding 4/4 kicks.

Things get serious with 'Symmetry', a full-pelt jungle tekno bomb composed of ominous, descending pads, rolling, layered breaks and thundering kickdrums, and if that wasn't enough for you then the razor-sharp synth stabs will satisfy all your J-Tek needs. The collection is rounded off by the Fast Floor-esque, dub-hardcore-techno fusion 'Shadow Tactics', an expertly composed track immersed in a pitch black atmospherics.

With this collection of tracks, The Wize Guys succeed in their mission to trail-blaze the jungle-tekno flame well into 2017 with these four excellent, contemporary hardcore/techno cuts!!!

The Breakbeatscient's choice cut from the 'Better That Sound E.P.' is 'Symmetry'.

The Wize Guys 'Better That Sound E.P.' is available to to purchase from the official Kambo Records Bandcamp page for a 'Buy It Now' price. So dig deep to support the label and artists to make more music!!!

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