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GL0WKiD Generation X Radio Show Presents The Systec & Sir Rice Guest Mix & Interview (28/03/17)

German breakbeat pioneers Systec and Sir Rice have been keeping the spirit of 1992's rave Golden Era alive, from Systec's foundation of legendary hardcore breaks label Dragon-Technicals Records right up to the duo's more recent Spirit Of Mind collaboration project on Ravenoyz Recordings.

GL0WKiD dedicates his latest Generation X Show on Planet Rave Radio to showcase the past, present and future releases of Systec and Sir Rice, while the duo deliver a hi-NRG 1992-1993, breakbeat hardcore retrospective guest mix featuring a top notch selection oldskool classics. Systec also provides an insight into the German hardcore scene and his own personal goals and inspirations and offers up a sneak peak of the latest Spirit Of Mind release, forthcoming on Ravenoyz Recordings.

GL0WKiD Mix #1:
1/ S.O.A.P. - Travelling At The Speed Of Light. [DRAGON TECHNICALS RECORDS]
2/ DJ Mayor feat. Systec - Pump Up The Volume. [DRAGON TECHNICALS RECORDS]
3/ Shar-Pei & Systec - Mystic Sunrise. [REPEAT OFFENDER RECORDS]
4/ Systec & Powerman - Condor. [DRAGON TECHNICALS RECORDS]
5/ Systec & Powerman - Think Positive. [DRAGON TECHNICALS RECORDS]
6/ Shar-Pei - Dont You Want. [TORNADO RECORDS]
7/ Shar-Pei & Systec - Passion. [DRAGON TECHNICALS RECORDS]
8/Spirit Of Mind - Take A Ride. [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]

Spirit Of Mind (aka Systec & Sir Rice) Guest Mix:
1/ Audio Maze - Way of Life. [LABELLO BLANCO]
2/ DJ Trax - High Time. [MOVING SHADOW]
3/ Manix - Reach Out. [REINFORCED RECORDS]
4/ Release - Inner Dream. [CONTAGIOUS RECORDS]
5/ Liquid Crystal You Got Me. [RUFF ON WAX RECORDINGS]
6/ Xenophobia - Rush In The House. [KICKIN RECORDS]
7/ Mercurial - Feel The Energy. [PROPHET RECORDS]
8/ EQ - Total Ecstacy '93. [FORMATION RECORDS]
9/ Ionosphere - Perfect Hybernation. [IONOSPHERE RECORDINGS]
10/ 2 Ruff 2 Mention - Dubplate Style. [HI-POIS'N RECORDINGS]
11/ Sub Oscillator II - Untitled. [ADRENALIN RECORDS]
12/ Mega City 2 - Nightwalker. [EXTRA TERRESTRIAL RECORDINGS]
13/ DJ Smokey Joe - Kiss my Neck. [STRATEGIC DANCE INITIATIVE]
14/ Menace Makes 3 - Feel the Friction. [DANSE CITY RECORDS]
15/ Urban Hype - Trip to Trumpton. [FAZE 2]
16/ +e=Exotic - Voice of the Devil. [D-ZONE RECORDS]
17/ Little Matt & Uprock - Error Terror. [FAT CHUNA RECORDINGS]

GL0WKiD Mix #2:
18/ Spirit of Mind - Hand's In The Air. [Forthcoming On RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]
19/ Liquid - Sweet Harmony. [XL]

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