Tuesday, 25 April 2017

[BOOM00066] Bay B Kane - Future Destination Exit 6 [Boomsha Recordings 2 Week Beatport Pro Exclusive Release!!!]

1/ Clearly Obscured.
2/ Dimensions.
3/ Don't Ask Me Why (feat. JahKillin).
4/ Overlock.
5/ Visions.

The original Jungle Warrior, Bay B Kane is back with another selection of deep and atmospheric, jungle breaks with the release of the sixth instalment in his long running series of 'Future Destination' EP's on Boomsha Recordings

The B.B.K. sets the mood with the sweepingly, sub-aquatic 'Clearly Obscured', which expertly weaves deeply undulating, synth melodies with rolling two-step breaks and a mammoth bassline. 'Dimensions' up next delivers a series of soulful, female vocalisations which are soon joined by a punishingly heavyweight amen break and rattling percussive elements.

Bay B Kane joins forces with JahKillin to "resurrect" an iconic, millennial trance riff on 'Don't Ask Me Why', and gives it a stepping, junglistic makeover creating a perfect blend of the rough and the smooth. We are next presented with 'Overlock', which places ghostly, female vocal repetitions over increasingly frantic breakbeat layers and monolithic bass notes.

The EP is book-ended by the melancholic blues meets boombastic jungle fusion that is 'Visions', where a mournful piano melody and soulful male vocals clash with rugged beats and bass, which culminates in an all-out amen assault.

With over 25 years of junglistic musical experience under his belt, Bay B Kane shows no signs of slacking when it comes to pushing the boundaries of breakbeat and bass exploration. So make sure you grab your copy of 'Future Destination Exit 6' to discover what the master has in store for 2017!!!

The Breakbeatscientist's pick of the EP... 'Overlock'!!!

Order your exclusive pre-release copy of Bay B Kane's 'Future Destination Exit 6' EP 2 weeks before general public release from the Beatport link below...


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