Sunday, 12 March 2017

Strictly Nuskool Blog Podcast SNB008:: DJ SICKHEAD

Sickhead has been travelling around the globe as a DJ & Producer for 23 years now, and has been spreading his unique sound in many different places, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Greece, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic. Since day one he has not only been experimenting with a wide range of various styles of music, but also has been engaging in many different projects.

One of these projects is NSF (Neurotic Sound Foundation), which he formed more than ten years ago alongside DJ Ghostrider. It is a collective of more than a dozen artists who are producing and playing all kinds of electronic music and are promoting different parties sharing one common feature - their works lie beyond mainstream.

He also runs two Netlabels, Digibeatmusic & Ringe Raja Records, which give mostly Drum and Bass artists, but also Dubstep artists a platform to make their music available for free download.

Furthermore, Sickhead has been an important part and member of the Dubwars Crew for more than four years now, which currently is one of the busiest and most creative Bass Music Crews in Southern Germany.

We're very pleased hosting him for an exclusive Mix over Strictly Nuskool Blog's podcasts section, featuring a class Oldskool selection for your pleasure!


01. J-A-S - Dream
02. Demo feat Mc Matrix - Ricochet
03. The Rave Doctor - I (Untitled)
04. Pooch & Hursee - Baby Baby
05. Eat Life - The Bells 94 (Dj Pooch rmx)
06. DJ Ham & DJ Demo - The Big Spill (Ft. Justin Time)
07. Smokey Joe - We Comin Ruff
08. Ajax + Goldie - Ruffige
09. Dj Ileagle - Testify
10. Double X-Posure - Go With The Flow
11. Tango & Ratty - Tales From The Darkside
12. Dj Vibes - Obsession (Music So Wonderful)
13. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Dis One
14. EQ - Total Xstacy


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