Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Lowercase Presents The Hardcore Breaks Special On Lazer Fm (20.02.2017)


Isotonik - Different Strokes (Dj Destiny 2016 Remix)
Magus Project feat Bryan Gee - Shoss (Dj Destiny Remix)
Sunshine - (Dj Destiny Remix)
Dj Nee - Forgotten
DJ Deluxe & Destiny - The Man From Maggoty
Ant To Be - You Know What
Dj Owl - OK
Teksteppa - Dreams Of The Future
Paul Cronin - Go With The E & Rush Me
Gareth Monks - The Manix Stampede
Orestiz - Ruffatest
Paul Cronin - Anybod-E Tell Ya About The Raggamuffin Bisnez
Chiqui - Rock The Beat
Dj Jedi - Utopia
Dj Deluxe & Destiny - Da Bitch
D.F.S.K. - Feel The Power ( Dj Pursuit Remix)
Orestiz - Wake Up & See
Dj Destiny - The Mysterons
Billy Bunter & Sanxion feat Davina - '94 Uplifting Hardcore
Dj Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (Don't Stand & Stare)
Interface - Do It (Dj Pursuit Remix)
Dj Pursuit - Break It Down Like This (Singing In My Head)
Alex Jungle - I Can't Explain
Alk-E-D - Shining Bright (Dj Pursuit Remix)
Dj Sy - Too Much Sense (Dj Jedi Remix)
Alex Jungle - End Of Summer
Bassraver- Now Hear This
TNO Project - Here Come Da Feelin'
Keep You Going Now
Alex Jungle - African Queen

Catch up The Lowercase live every Sunday 5-7pm UK TIME @ www.lazerfm.co.uk



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