Friday, 27 January 2017

The Brothers Grimm- Exodus [When The Lion Awakes] (2017 Remixes)

Sneaker social Club up their game once again for 2017 with new remixes of a much loved oldskool hardcore classic.

'Exodus [When The Lion Awakes]' was composed by Floyd Dice, part of the chart-topping act Baby D. It was originally released on seminal Hardcore/Jungle label Production House.

Sneaker Social Club, off the back of a huge 2016 which included a brand new 2 Bad Mice EP are re-issuing 'Exodus' along with a set of brand new remixes. For the Techno lovers, Luke Vibert dishes up one of his trademark quirky productions incorporating interesting new elements with the original samples. The Maghreban & Special Request each turn in remixes that will find their way into a variety of different DJ sets from Bass to Breaks. DJ Die & Addison Groove's remix gets closer to the frenetic tempo of the 1992 incarnation of 'Exodus' while contemporaneously injecting a large dose of 'Bristol Bass' into the equation.

If you loved the original (we know you do!) then it's here in all it's bleepy brilliance and with the sizable bonus of a solid remix package to boot. The Lion has awoken!!!

The Brothers Grimm 'Exodus [When The Lion Awakes] (2017 Remixes) is currently available on Pre-Order Vinyl & Digital 
Release Date 24/01/17

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