Tuesday, 31 January 2017

[PRMP3027] Master Mash - Future Hardcore EP [Free 4-Track Paranoid Recordings Download!!!]

1/ The Spice Must Flow (Mega Flow Mix).
2/ The Return Of The Psyco
3/ Give It To Um.
4/ Future Hardcore.

Hot on the heels of recent 'Alien Waterworlds EP', Paranoid Recordings takes a trip to the deep-side to deliver a monolithic, four track selection of pitch black, nuskool darkcore anthems with the release of the 'Future Hardcore EP' courtesy of Master Mash.

To kick-start the EP, Master Mash revisits two tracks from 2015's 'Too Much Acid EP' with the breakneck speed 'Mega Flow Mix' of 'The Spice Must Flow' setting the pace of things to come with it's potent blend of crunching breaks, rumbling subs and electrifying stab riffs. Up next we are bear witness to 'The Return Of The Psyco', which sees the original mix receive a massive, warped bass overhaul and reworked stab riff.

'Give It To Um' drops a series of ominously dark pads and low-pitched, growling hoovers over a bubbling acid bassline coupled with a portentous, moody synth melody. The manic 'Future Hardcore' completes this quartet of nuskool breakbeat bombs in 160mph stylee by expertly fusing together exhilarating rave patterns with brain searing 'Anasthasia' stabs to create a devastating conclusion to the collection.

If you are expecting some loved up, fluffy, happy hardcore, then turn away!!! Master Mash's latest selection is strictly for the lovers headstrong, darkside breaks!!!

The Master Mash 'Future Hardcore EP' is free to download in high quality WAV format courtesy of Paranoid Recordings....

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