Wednesday, 18 January 2017

KF67:: DJ Luna-C / Scartat / Gothika Shade - Things I Made With Things I Played With [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

A1 Scartat - Ammo Bag (Luna-C Remix)

A2 Gothika Shade - The Grave Of Fireflies (Luna-C Remix)

B1 DJ Luna-C Piano Possession

B2 DJ Luna-C - Technical Shmecnical

This is a historical sign and release as it's the first personal Vinyl release of Luna-C after many years! It has a long title like 'Things I Made With Things I Played With' and comes out on a limited edition of 300 copies only.
The EP features 4 tracks, 2 original ones by Chris and 2 remixes on KFA Canada artist Scartat and UK Gothica Shade (a new blood producer tho big KF supporter since label's first release).

Chris says about his 2 tunes:

" The things I made are different again. Piano Possession came out of the title and then lived up to it. I thought it was time for a Progression / Confusion / Obsession follow up…Each took a piano line and messed with it. But Piano Possession as a title? I had to exorcise those demons lol. And Technical Shmecnical lives up to its name, frantic and heavily edited, it was perhaps the most challenging thing I have made in a long time, if not ever."

One more useful note worth sharing is for those who have asked to have their name on a record when ordered the last vinyls. These lucky guys then, will find it on the back of 'KF67 - DJ Luna-C / Scartat / Gothika Shade EP'.

Bonus Extras for this release

1) You will receive a collectable Kniteforce “Idiot Sheet” containing links to the 4 tracks on this EP in digital format – 320MP3 and 24bit Wav.
2) The EP also comes with two extra digital tracks, the first is totally exclusive, the second is taken from the forthcoming Luna-C / Kniteforce album 'Forward In Reverse'.
'My Angel (Scartat Remix)' and 'Plink [Piano Progression the Third] (Audio X Remix)'

BUY on Bandcamp for EU HERE

BUY on KF webstore for US/Rest of world HERE

Special Kniteforce Limited Edition Bundle
(LTD number of 90)

BUY for EU HERE and US/Rest of world HERE

(1) KF66
Alex Jungle - Elevate E.P 12'' Vinyl
(plus digital downloads and bonus material)

(2) KF67
DJ Luna-C / Scartat / Gothika Shade - Things I Made With Things I Played With EP 12'' Vinyl

(plus digital downloads and bonus material)

(3) KFCD03
Vinyl Is Better 2 CD

(4) KFCD04
Alex Jungle - Elevation CD (containing 7 tracks not included on KF66 vinyl)

(5) Large Kniteforce Car Sticker




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