Monday, 16 January 2017


A1. The Need In Me
A2. 5th Season
B1. I Cant Explain
B2. Elevate

KNITEFORCE RECORDS launches 2017 with an ultimate pack of fresh releases, which is available to pre-order now and promises to keep you more than fueled with class Hardcore!
KF66 is a 4track personal EP by an unknown (?!) but very talented producer hailing from Cologne/Germany and his name is Alex Jungle. A great uplifting & proud Hardcore head who totally deserves this signing and we can expect further more from him in the near future!
This connection with Kniteforce came, when Luna-C was sent a demo version of 'The Need In Me' from Alex, and got in full love with it as it seems, and so we had the chance to listen to it on his latest #49 Podcast and after that scheduling a special & limited 12'' release under the name 'ELEVATE EP'.
This EP is a limited edition of 300 copies only & shipping will start around 20th February 2017

Here's what Luna-C says about this EP:

"The whole E.P is what I think of as “proper” hardcore. Happy, but not cheesy or obvious. Frantic, but not cluttered. Serious, but not overly so. But most importantly, it sounds like the music of yesterday, it takes you back to when the scene was something different, something secret and special. Its no small thing for me to say not only is Alex Jungle’s EP the perfect continuation of the Kniteforce legacy, but also that he is my current favourite artist."

Bonus Extras for this release

1) You will receive a collectable Kniteforce “Idiot Sheet” containing links to the 4 tracks on this EP in digital format - 320MP3 and 24bit Wav format.
2) The EP also comes with two extra digital tracks, taken from the limited edition Alex Jungle Album 'ELEVATION'. And these tunes are: 'Kick The Funk' and 'We Are The Original'.

BUY on Bandcamp for EU HERE

BUY on KF webstore for US/Rest of world HERE

Special Kniteforce Limited Edition Bundle
(LTD number of 90)

BUY for EU HERE and US/Rest of world HERE

(1) KF66
Alex Jungle - Elevate E.P 12'' Vinyl
(plus digital downloads and bonus material)

(2) KF67
DJ Luna-C / Scartat / Gothika Shade - Things I Made With Things I Played With EP 12'' Vinyl

(plus digital downloads and bonus material)

(3) KFCD03
Vinyl Is Better 2 CD

(4) KFCD04
Alex Jungle - Elevation CD (containing 7 tracks not included on KF66 vinyl)

(5) Large Kniteforce Car Sticker



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