Sunday, 29 January 2017

DAN MUTEKI - This Is Normal (12track LP - Available on Bandcamp)

Bristol based producer Dan Muteki, returns after a long time giving a strong sign of a attractive Nu-Rave return with a personal release of an album. As the description says 'this is a Bristol rave LP'!
Even though he makes tunes from around mid-90s, most of the Nu-Rave crew knows his stuff over Cue Burn Digital released around 5 years ago, being an essential member of the label alongside his good friend Mulder.

And so after that good period nothing active, till now when Dan has compiled 12 vibes of intense for his new album, offering hot stabs, heavy bass and rave from another dimension!
"This Is Normal" is out now and for sure will keep your braincells busy!



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