Thursday, 19 January 2017

[Bandcamp] Master Mash - Amongst Us EP [Available To Download Now!!!!]

1/ Roswell.
2/ Amongst US.
3/ Fighting The Alien Brain.

Master Mash has been a name that has cropped up on numerous labels over the past year, with his unique take on dark, jungle tekno being featured on the likes of Ravenoyz Recordings, Breaking Free, Endor Recordings, Switchblade Digital, Paranoid Recordings and our very own Strictly NuSkool label. For his latest release, Master Mash delves deep into his "Area 51" production files to expose his latest, sinister offering, the 'Amongst Us EP'.

Things start off deep and dark with the ominous, paranoia inducing 'Roswell' opening the EP in pure sci-fi-kickdrum, fuelled junge tekno fashion. Unearthed alien exposé, docu-dialogue and spine-tingling synth riffs which conjure up visions of unearthly spiders crawling over your skin adds a perfect sense of unease.

'Amongst US' up next eschews the use of beats and delivers a minimalist, yet 'dread' soaked ambient soundscape equipped with menacing drones and bubbling, acidic squelches which evokes the interior of some unfathomably alien spacecraft.

To bring a perfect close the collection, 'Fighting The Alien Brain' goes full-pelt hardcore-techno, with it's fusion of thumping, 4/4 kicks and crisp oldskool breaks paired with hypnotic acid-techno bassline and 1000 volt, electric shock rave stabs

Master Mash expertly delivers his own nuskool take on the classic 1993, jungle tekno format with this selection of UFO-ology themed tracks which will prove to be an essential purchase for all lovers of darkside hardcore.

Master Mash's 'Amongst Us EP' is available to purchase now from the official Master Mash Bandcamp page for however much you feel it is worth. So if you are enjoying the tunes then send over some cash to support future releases from the artist!!!

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