Monday, 11 December 2017

[KFA078] AUDIO X - Procrastination Makes Perfect EP [Out on Digital & Limited CD - KFA]

01. Set Your Feelings Free
02. Move
03. The Hero We Deserve
04. The Only Way Out Is Through 
05. Move (Second Movement) 
06. Spider Pig (KFA Mix)

This new release has an abundance of reasons to be assumed as quintessential for a prolific child of Kniteforce movement, like KFA (Kniteforce Again).
First of all this is the official first release with Shane Saiyan on the managing board, as already announced few months ago. Canada based UK Hardcore dog comes into the right place on the right time to offer his passion for music, his new ideas and aims to keep in step with times while renovating a bit KFA into a bright new era.
And who's the man behind the brand new KFA78? Well, it's Joel Wright, namely Audio X and the title of his EP, 'Procrastination Makes Perfect' should help you avoid making a spectacle of yourself by not missing the golden time of grabbing the CD version of it. According to this CD version, it's something newish in the KFA family that hopefully will go the right way, on the grounds that as I'm typing this blogpost there are only a few of them left...

As for Audio X... Well he's a prominent producer over the last 10+ years, standing for different aspects of Nuskool Hardcore, therefore his personal EP on KFA achieves that as well.
Four stunning tunes is the original ruffness flavour alongside 2 executive edition tunes and what stems from that EP is the melody of 'The Hero We Deserve'. A melody where it all begins and ends with rupture. An impeccable tune, personal favourite from this release apart from the other relevant slams of Joel.



Tuesday, 5 December 2017

[VMRDT100] Various - VMR Team Vol. 1 [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Uzi - i Captain.
2/ DROMA - The Search. 
3/ Jaguar Paw - It Duzn't Exist.
4/ Hektic - Room Service.
5/ SkorpZ - My World.
6/ Laydee Virus - Shadow Cover.
7/ Dredillah - Ay Ay.
8/ Inphekt - Army Of One.
8/ DROMA - A Gun.
10/ Dredillah - Katana.
11/ Inphekt - Phaulius.
12/ Uzi - Fire Burning.
13/ Hektic - If It Bleeds.
14/ Jaguar Paw - The Kings.
15/ SkorpZ - Chaos Theory.
16/ Laydee Virus - Reverse Dimensions (VIP Mix).

After four years of delivering the very finest in dancefloor friendly drum and bass Viral-Mental Records present their 100th release, and have pulled out all stops with the 'VMR Team Vol. 1' album. Featuring sixteen brand new tracks from Viral-Mental Records' artist roster, and spanning everything from ruffneck, jungle rollers to razor-sharp neurofunk. It's time to join in with the celebration!

We are first introduced to Uzi's amen infused, 'i Captain' which gets the album off to a tearing start with it's infectious blend of rolling breaks, smooth sax licks and grimey bass drones. DROMA up next takes us on a deep and moody trip into drum & bass with 'The Search' which expertly combines soothing pads and neuro bassline pressure. 
The inimitable Jaguar Paw offers up a filthy slice of heavyweight, steppin' junglism with the P.O.T.U.S. sampling 'It Duzn't Exist' and is closely followed by Hektic's darkly hypnotic 'Room Service', which easily conjures up vintage bassline rollers from the Golden Era of D&B.

SkorpZ steps into the arena next with his epic amen break driven 'My World', a rich soundclash of frenetic breaks and tension steeped atmospherics. Oz's premier mistress of darkness, Laydee Virus introduces us to her latest stripped back neuro flavoured stepper 'Shadow Cover', a precision crafted exercise in ominous soundscapes and clockwork percussion. 
Dredillah unleashes his deep, dark jungle/drum & bass fusion, 'Ay Ay' which merges together crisp, 2-step breaks and grime encrusted bass riffs with classic, jungle drum rolls before Inphekt drops yet another trademark, neo-darkside bomb with the menacing, Reese bass riff fuelled 'Army Of One'

DROMA returns for another stab at the action with 'A Gun', a track steeped in pensive, orchestral swells, sinister movie dialogue and robotnik synth riffage which is closely succeeded by Dredillah's razor-sharp slice of neurofunk, 'Katana', with it's deadly blend of relentless 2-step breaks and harsh Reese drones. 
Those machine-like, neuro sounds continue on with Inphekt's 'Phualius', with it's heavy industrial D&B flavour underlined by a subtle Euro-harcore undercurrent. Uzi switches things up in a junglistic fashion with the dub-reggae skank fuelled 'Fire Burning', an intense amen rinse-out with one hell of a catchy vocal hook. One for the 'Lighter' crew!!!

Hektic return's to the fray with 'If It Bleeds', taking vocal elements from an iconic, '80's sci-fi/action classic layered with steppin' breaks and a deadly twin-bass combination. Up next we have 'The Kings' by Jaguar Paw, a moody, minimal jungle piece which expertly combines, crisp beats, killer bassline and cheeky "Inglorious" move snippets.
SkorpZ delivers yet another deep and atmospheric, yet hard-hitting cut with the symphonic 'Chaos Theory' which utilises sweeping strings alongside tearing breaks and bass to utterly devastating effect. Bringing the album to it's conclusion, Laydee Virus drops another tech-step bomb with the 'Reverse Dimensions (VIP Mix)' perfectly capturing that classic pre-millennial dark D&B sound.

With this diverse collection of drum & bass and jungle cuts, there is no better time for you to sample the Viral-Mental sound. Grab yourself a copy of this and join the VMR Team!!! 

The 'VMR Team Vol. 1' album is be available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now!!!



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Sunday, 3 December 2017

DCLTD002:: Captain Raveman - Rave The Queen [out on CD & DIGITAL @ DANCE CORPS]

Scottish established dancekore label, Dance Corps, has teamed up with Captain Raveman for a superb release offering an exclusive BangFace rebuild of him.
'Rave The Queen' includes a mixture of Raveman's tunes and it was originally performed @ BangFace Weekender 2017. This ultra-rocking release comprises of Cpt Raveman's personal Footwork & Breakcore slams, provided under a Rave umbrella.

'Rave The Queen' is out on a limited number of 125 CD copies only. (CDr with cardsleeve) as well as high-quality digital download in MP3, FLAC, WAV.




Saturday, 2 December 2017

DeBisco:: RE:​CONNECT [out on LTD Digipack CD & Digital @ DANCE CORPS]

01. Leaving Me
02. Fearless
03. Keeping It Together
04. Critics

New Jersey based producer DeBisco (formerly known as DJ Scratchin') has turned 26 this weekend, thus the best way to celebrate his birthday is the release of his debut EP under his new alias, on a friendly label like Dance Corps.
Dance Corps have kind of relaunched this year making their first physical release, looking stronger than ever with new roster, new dreams and ever revolving around Dancekore and a wide diversity of Hardcore insanity!
Entering into this new release, DeBisco is offering 4 belters that will indisputably ignite yourselves, hence the title of the EP is...'RE:CONNECT'.
Individuals can give a listen to this EP and then never come back to square one. All tunes are properly smashing it, with highlight the heaviest one that is 'Critics'. In addition his UK Hardcore influences are conspicuous enough in here served under his own scope.
Well worked release and one more quality offering from the mighty decadal Dance Corps!

'RE:CONNECT' is available to purchase now, coming out on a limited digipack CD version and of course the digital one.

Artwork by Jada Paige & DeBisco Design
Mastering: djUSA.GI



Thursday, 30 November 2017

V.A. - Trancework 2.0 [23track compilation]

South London electronic label, We Buy Gold has recently released an immense and intense compilation comprised of 23 tunes, furthermore this album could be easily described as 'The Juke Release of the Month'.

This time the label 'elaborate display of wealth' heads over its 3rd release, which is a digital combo of absolutely mental and exquisite modern captured tunes that all remix and reminisce some of the oldschool or even better Trance classics. The result is fair & square by all producers involved, in a time when good old trance means new techniques under a deep or euphoric juke & bass umbrella.
'Trancework 2.0.' is the compilation you need to fulfil your desire with good music and indulge yourself to the max.


Monday, 27 November 2017


01. End of Days
02. Go Where
03. Kinetic NRG
04. Banging Builder

Ravestomp Recordings squirms from the trends, complying with its aim to represent the harder side of rave, therefore the usual labe's resident and friend of ours, the one and only Stoke nutter, DJ Rave In Peace returns with a large work!
In this case, mission is already accomplished before the official release date, since as we've already listened to the previews and got blind by his continuous pumping and stompy stylee into these 4 smashing tunes! Sometimes makes you go bananas while listening to the acidic 'Banging Builder' and other moments you feel goosebumps a bit with tunes such as 'Kinetic NRG' or 'Go Where'.

One way or another this new work from Ian (DJ Rave In Peace) can be described as a pretty serious follow-up EP to the long range arsenal of the label.
The 'End of Days EP' is out now in all digital platforms, and apart from that you can grab now for free an exclusive remix on 'End of Days' celebrating this long awaited release.

Props to DJ Rave In Peace and to Paul Cronin (the man behind Ravestomp)





[BPR010] Opius - 3.142 LP [Available To Download From All Good Digital Download Stores!!!]

1/ Heavy Hearted (feat. Anthony Greninger).
2/ Red Admiral.
3/ The Green Room VIP.
4/  Doin' It.
5/ Dusty Needle.
6/ Time To Ride. 
7/ 3.124.
8/ Sound Crew VIP.
9/ Walking The Planets (Rollerz Mix).
10/ They're Real.
11/ Primitive Savages.
12/ Spirit Weaver.

Veteran drum & bass producer, Opius unveils his latest magnum opus with the release of his brand new '3.142 LP' on Ballpark Recordings. Featuring twelve storming D&B tracks spanning a range of styles from the rough to the smooth, it's time for us to delve into this musical adventure...

The album sets off with a collaboration with US piano maestro, Anthony Greninger on 'Heavy Hearted' which expertly blends together crisp rolling breaks and gentle bass notes with a gorgeous, uplifting piano melody before being succeeded by liquid jazz and bass fusion, 'Red Admiral'. Up next 'The Green Room VIP' ramps up the smokey blues flavours to maximum with it's live instrumental elements and laid back saxophone notes, to create a proper head-nodder of a tune.

On 'Doin' It', the laid back, live grooves continue, but are enhanced with the addition of a monstrous, growling bassline overlaid with steppin' breaks. 'Dusty Needle' takes us back in time by dusting off old bebop LP's and melding them with a rolling breakbeat and positively joyous bassline that will not fail to get people moving on the dancefloor. 'Time To Ride' then steers the album onto more tear-out territor with it's melting pot of spaghetti Western movie dialogue and heavyweight breaks and bass combo. 

The album's title track '3.142', sees Opius continue on with the big, bad and heavy D&B formula with it's rubber band bassline and vintage Flava Flav/P.E. samplage and is soon joined by the equally bombastic 'Sound Crew VIP', which tips it's hat to the vintage jungle sounds of the mid-nineties whilst giving it a meaty 2017 update. We are next introduced to the deep and atmospheric amen workout, 'Walking The Planets (Rollerz Mix)' which serves up an exquisite soundscape of space-age speech samples , soaring pads and razer sharp amen edits.

'They're Real' takes us to the darkside of drum & bass with it's tearing fusion of hyper-kinetic breaks, dirge like synth drones and horror flick dialogue and is followed up in a similar, ominous fashion with the trippy, sci-fi, psychedelia infused 'Primitive Savages'. The album is then brought to it's conclusion by 'Spirit Weaver', a track which pays homage to those classic Blue Note, tech-step sounds of '96-'97' with it's ten-tonne amen edits and sinister bass heavy synths (a la Dillinja's 'Unexplored Terrain'). Providing a perfect close to an altogether richly texture drum & bass album.

If your tastes in drum & bass span all sub-genres of the scene, then the '3.142 LP' is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning headz musical appetite. Get on this one, now!!!

The Opius '3.142 LP' is available to purchase now from the following Ball Park Recordings digital stockists...



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Sunday, 26 November 2017


01. Remorse02
02. Consumed
03. Block Tech 
04. Zanzibar

Czech based electronic label, Aeronema has just released the 'Juke of the Month' due to our preferences.
It's all about 4 ravey belters coming out from the versatile brain of Toronto based Adrew Juke.
Not just a name but a genre that Andrew has been exposing throughout the years and via his own imprint Hood Records and various firing mixes of him.
All in all, 'Raver's Complaint' is the new weapon of 160bpm raving profusion. An answer just before ravers complaining for anything negative. An ode to the rave revival under a modern approach drawn on Andrew's skills and Hardcore conscience.


Fav Tune: 'Consumed'



Saturday, 25 November 2017

Hakkûh and the Gabberz - Raver's Space (4track digital EP)

01. Speed Rider
02. XTC Run
03. Raver's Space
04. Rotterdam Smack Attack

Early Hardcore and Gabber lovers this one goes out to you from an act that's unknown to us all, might be a side project, new project or whatever, it achieves taking us along the mad illecit harsh rhythms of Hardcore!
'Raver's Space EP' by Hakkûh and the Gabber, is comprised of 4 belters leaving no space and no doubt to any raver who doesn't envy of them. Strictly for the headstrong crew, coming out from Rotterdam!
In addition this is one of the finest and freshest releases of this kind on the late Movember.


[INVSN009] Laabreeze - Stratch Thing EP [Available To Download Now From All Good Digital Music Stores!!!]

1/ Stratch Thing.
2/ Bugs.
3/ Time.
4/ Sirius.

The Invasion Recordings crew are back again with another firing selection of high octane drum & bass, this time showcasing the talents of label newcomer Laabreeze who presents the 'Stratch Thing EP'.

We are first introduced to the sci-fi sounds of title track 'Stratch Thing', which expertly blends together sweeping synths and gnarly mid-range riffs with crisp breaks and organic bass notes to create what could easily be mistaken as a soundtrack to an imaginary futuristic anime series. Up next 'Bugs' adds some twisted, neurofunk synth pressure into the mix, layered on top of a relentless 2-step breakbeat and bubbling, industrial bassline.

On 'Time', we are taken on a deep, cinematic journey with it's combination of dark, cavernous atmospherics and near orchestral swells set to an adrenalising percussive backing. In contrast to the futuroid sounds of it's predecessor, 'Sirius' takes us back to the present/past by interlacing rolling drum & bass beats with smooth, jazzy liquid textures to provide a perfect conclusion to the collection.

Once again, Invasion Recordings pulls off another premium quality release that should be a welcome addition to any drum & bass connoisseur's music library. Make sure you pick up your copy now!!!

Laabreeze's, 'Stratch Thing  EP' is available to download from all the official Invasion Recordings Bandcamp store...


... and the following digital and streaming sites...



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MONARCHR012:: Monarch Records Reign One [13track digital compilation]

Aussie D&B label, Monarch Records celebrates 1 year of acitivity and hard work in the movement, furthermore has decided to put out an elegant compilation of tunes including well known or up and coming producers. "Reign One" is out now digitally and seems a good time to start to be aware of the label and Sydney's d&b scene.
Let the formidable music speak inside and all around!


NVR001:: DOLPHIN - Feel Like [NuVision Records]

21 year old boy-wonder, mr. Takumi aka Dolphin is indisputably one of the most talented and must to watch producers at present. This young producer based in Tokyo, is the man behind the debut release of a new sub-label of London's HOH Recordings.

Ladies and gents in the community, get to know the NuVision Records. A label aiming to deliver the idea of revived Hardcore, following the same rules like on HOH Recordings.
Its first digital release is titled 'FEEL LIKE', therefore Dolphin is dressed up with his Tshirt of happiness all in all by a modern approach.
Monstrous uplifting biz coming straight from Tokyo, fair & square out to all!




Sunday, 19 November 2017

[Bandcamp] Master Mash - Hardcore In Darkness EP [Available To Download Now!!!!]

1/ Hardcore In Darkness.
2/ Afraid Of The Dark.
3/ (I Know What's) In The Basement.

As the seasons have drawn ever deeper into the Winter bleakness Master Mash unveils the perfect darkside, junge tekno soundtrack to accompany the glacial climate with the release of the 'Hardcore In Darkness EP'

We are firstly introduced to a sinister slice of acid-techno flavoured darkcore with title track 'Hardcore In Darkness', which expertly combines relentless 4/4 kickdrums with rolling breakbeats, hardcore stabs and brooding  acid bassline to devastating effect. 

Up next we are presented with 'Afraid Of The Dark', which ramps up the feelings of unease by dropping a creeped-out, off kilter piano melody into the jungle tekno mix alongside a series of electrifying, rapid-fire 'Anasthasia' stabs. 

To complete the darkcore triptych we have '(I Know What's) In The Basement)', a veritable dark hardcore symphony which interweaves eerie synths and pads with adrenalising stab patterns, pounding kicks and militant breaks.

Master Mash once again proves that he is one of the undisputed 'masters' of neo-darkside jungle-tekno, and with his latest collection of tracks, he has guaranteed that the spirit of 1993-1994 dark hardcore is far from dead. A must for any darkcore fanatics!!! 

The Master Mash 'Hardcore In Darkness EP' is available to purchase now from the official Master Mash Bandcamp page for a "Name Your Price" deal. So if you are enjoying the tunes then support the artist to make future releases!!!

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[VMRDT099] Hektic - Taken EP [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Taken.
2/ Nah Dead.
3/ Dead Leg.
4/ Selecta.

Viral-Mental Records and label mainstay Hektic take you deep into the jungle with the 'Taken EP', featuring four heavyweight, contemporary jungle tracks which give a tip of the hat to those Golden Era sounds of '94-'96.

The collection is kicked off by title track, 'Taken' which fuses together crisp, stepping breaks and moody atmospherics coupled with a deadly reversed Dead Dred/Reese bass combo and iconic 'Predator' vocal snippets to cement that oldskool feel.
Up next 'Nah Dread' drops ruff and rugged ragga and haunting dub vox over a minimal 2-step break, evocative pads and bouncing bassline to deliver a powerful stepper, dripping with menace.

'Dead Leg' captures the very essence of mid nineties, classic jump up wih it's layering of obscure vocal samples, orchestral swells and rolling breaks, brought together by a massive, electrifying sine wave bass riff that would put the likes of Mampi Swift to shame.
Perfectly rounding off the EP we have 'Selecta', a potent blend of classic ragga vocals, bubbling bass notes and snappy breakbeats that's guaranteed to get your heart pumping, you head nodding and your feet moving. 

If vintage Tru Playaz, Dread Recordings and Trouble On Vinyl were your bag back in the day. or have inspired your musical directions today, then look no further than this fine selection of moody, jump-up junglism from Hektic here. You'll be glad you did!

The Hektic, 'Taken EP' is available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now, so get ready to do damage with these badboys!!!



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