Monday, 16 October 2017

INTENSIVE030:: GREG SIN KEY - Bass Pianos EP (Out on Intensive Recordings)

01. Boogie Time (Original Mix)
02. Summer Bass (Original Mix)
03. The Trip (Original Mix)

Poland's established and towering Breakbeat & Nuskool Breaks producer/DJ and promoter, the man like Greg Sin Key returns to the local roots of Intensive Recordings signed by his good fellow Nefti, while offering a brand new Breaks EP  titled 'Bass Pianos' including 3 fresh tunes of Rave Breaks & electrified Bass exposure!
Don't think about it, get yourself into this one and onto the dancefloor for the real action!




Sunday, 15 October 2017

Ratpack Live Set @ Moondance Festival 2017

Live recording of Ratpack set from Moondance Festival 2017, catch Ratpack doing the midnight set in the main room at Moondance presents Love Rave NYE 2017

BUY their new album "(CO)LabRats"


TOKYO-NOIR Guest Mix @ Infectious Unease Radio (10.10.17)


Rhythm For Reasons - Music In Search of Light (Kickin Records)
DJ Trace and Ed Rush - Clean Gun (Lucky Spin Recordings)
Future Primitive ‎- We're Flying (DJ Vibes and Wishdokta Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
Tokyo-Noir - Dopamine (Token Remix) (Detrimental Audio)
Tokyo-Noir - Keep The Vibes Alive (forthcoming)
Monks & Mort - Kit Kat (Strictly Nuskool)
Fool on the Hill - Paid The DJs (Or Busted Heads)(Strictly Nuskool)
Tango - Timebomb (Kickin Records)
DJ Poosie and Cru-L-T ‎- Knite In Paradise (Kniteforce Records)
DJ Distroi & Boykz - Darkside (Kickin Records)
Tim Reaper and Dev/Null - Eckhart (Blog to The Old Skool)
Luna-C - Schizophrenic Lox (Kniteforce Records)
DJ Trax - Taken Over (Moving Shadow)
D-Vide - The Force Within (Monarch Records)
Dead Man’s Chest - Revenant (Ingredients)


Saturday, 14 October 2017


A1 - Nobody Else
A2 - Magic
B1 - Where Are You
B2 - A Special Beat

Preston based producer/DJ and resident of Kniteforce Radio, the man like Paul Bradley is the new addition on the versatile roster of Knitebreed, sub-label of Kniteforce Records. A part of KF which aims to deliver newish tunes from new blood producers giving the big chance to them and to the audience to spread new Hardcore sounds all around.
Paul is a big example of this tactics by honcho Luna-C, and his first personal work seems outstanding as everyone can take a gander among four cutting edge of slammers.
Mad and aggresive Breakbeat Hardcore, evolved Oldschool Hardcore bizness all ready to kick the bucket to anyone who's negative to the new sounds, to the new era of Hardcore or even disagrees that it's all gone.
Never gone, never will...
"Sweet As a Pie" is here.

 'Nobody Else' the highlight tune off this EP



Monday, 9 October 2017

[CRTNPR019] Scale, Parallel + DJ Fox - From Machines With Love / Helios [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Available To Buy Now From Criterion Records!!!]

A-Side - Scale + Parallel - From Machines With Love.
B-Side - Scale + DJ Fox - Helios.

Criterion Records make their long-awaited return to the scene with their very latest vinyl-only offering, 'From Machines With Love / Helios'. This time enrolling the talents of pioneering drum & bass producers Scale, Parallel and DJ Fox all with a collective output spanning a broad range of highly esteemed labels, including Aphacut, Foundation X, Logical Direction, DSCI4, Subtle Audio, Monochrome Recordings to name but a few.

Scale and Parallel take no prisoners with 'From Machines With Love', a track which invokes the essence of vintage, Blue Note era techstep with it's use of hard-stepping Funky Mule breaks spliced with tearing amens, dark atmospherics and thundering bass booms. The track showcases the use of precision crafted beat programming that rivals the likes of Dillinja and Source Direct in their heyday, set to a bleak and ominous soundscape that will get followers of dark D&B craving for more.

The B-Side sees Scale return once more alongside DJ Fox on 'Helios', which opens to a series of languid, Boards Of Canada style synths which soon flow into crisp, rolling breaks before unleashing a tearing amen break laced with moody pads. As 'Helios' progresses we are then hit with flashes of jarring, hardcore stab riffs, a la Nasty Habits circa 1992, to interrupt the mellow vibe of the track.

As always Criterion Records, alongside Scale, Parallel and DJ Fox present yet another expertly crafted section of deep and atmospheric drum & bass tracks aimed squarely at the vinyl connoisseurs out there. 

The limited edition Scale, Parallel and DJ Fox, 'From Machines With Love / Helios' 12" vinyl is available to purchase now for €10.00 (+ P&P) from the Criterion Records webstore link below.

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[KK08] RadioKillaZ - Place Your Bets [Available To Download Now From All Good Digital Stores!!!]

1/ Place Your Bets.
2/ Doomsday.

The Strictly NuSkool Blog goes on a breaks and bass tip with the infamous trio of Harry Rox, Stu Animatrix and Tony Vibe, better known as the RadioKillaZ dropping two massive breakbeat tracks with the release of the 'Place Your Bets' single on Killa Kutz.

Opening track 'Place Your Bets' sees Harry Rox take on mic duties to spit fire over a massive electro tinged breaks number, fusing on point themes of modern day hardships over a heavyweight breakbeat, thundering bass hits and atmospheric synth melody. 'Place Your Bets' is the perfect ode for the modern day raver whilst subsequently tearing up the dance.

Up next we have 'Doomsday' which takes the  listener on a deep, instrumental journey jam packed with dub flavoured elements, electrifying synth patterns and rattling percussion, peppered with a generous sprinkling of female "ooohs", giving a tip of the hat to golden era, mid-nineties jungle. 

With this latest release, the RadioKillaZ prove once again that they are at the forefront of the breakbeat movement in 2017. If you're looking for some heavy, dance-floor artillery for your set that'll get everyone moving, then look no further!!!

The RadioKillaZ 'Place Your Bets' single is available to download for just £1.99 from the official Killa Kutz label store...

...And from the following digital music stores...




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Saturday, 7 October 2017


UK based contemporary oldschool redefined label of Octotrax returns with a serious treat of italo techno/euro-house stylish vibe generated by the mastermind that is Sparky.
Already well known under various monikers, the legend behind several projects is back with a new single titled 'I KNOW' dressed with an uplifting rhythm, trademark to what Sam White's label's targeting.




01. So Right 
02. So In Love Again 
03. As The Crow Flies 
04. How Was I To Know

Not so young in age but young in the scene to most of you even if he's been making tunes for a while. Pete S is fair & square the brand new addition to the Raveskool arsenal of Hardcore Breaks releases offering four quality hardcore shots opted by his back catalogue, which is vast & cool hidden as it seems (read more about Pete S here)
'So Right EP' is comprised of four tunes and calls for your support, starting with a purchase via Beatport. Go for right, so in love again!



Friday, 6 October 2017

LOVCD10:: Rolando Simmons - World Building [CD & DIGITAL ON LOVE LOVE RECORDS]

01. Whisper and Laugh
02. Free Analogue 
03. Empowered 
04. Uncertainty Pond 
05. Loom 
06. The Girl of Uchter Moor 
07. Spirala 
08. Decay 
09. Clocks 
10. Through Towers 
11. Strange Poet

The almighty & ever quailty label of Love Love Records are very proud to present their fresh installemnt coming from Sweden based producer Rolando Simmons (a.k.a. Mattias Östling) with his debut album."World Building" is a deep experiment and a neverending trip to a new world provided on 11 mental tunes into melancholy or even better to sum up with words taken from the official statement " is a satisfying listening experience with a strong narrative - an auditory tale of an epic journey with warmth and depth from one of Europe's most exciting producers."
Just let yourself to join in this odd Swedish world on this new offering by Love Love Records. An aficionado label which keeps on digging & searching for diversed music paths...


[VMRDT082] Inphekt - Fall Silently / Deamonicus [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Fall Silently.
2/ Deamonicus.

After a short Sabbatical after the massive DROMA album, the Viral-Mental Records crew are back in action with a brand new pitch black two tracker from the neuro master, Inphekt who presents the 'Fall Silently / Deamonicus' single.

Inphekt immediately grabs the listener by the lapels and drags them deep into the darkside with the epic 'Fall Silently' . An adrenalising fusion of relentless breaks, twisting synth riffs and droning bass notes, flavoured with hauntingly yearning female vocals which add a perfect sense of unease to the mix.

If the opening track wasn't dark enough for you then 'Deamonicus' is positively infernal in comparison, with it's heady blend of kickdrum propelled 2-step breaks, rattling metallic percussion, eerie pads and buzzing mentasmic lead, thus creating the 2017 predecessor to 1993's original darkside template.

If you are requiring the darkest of dark drum & bass to usher in the evil spirits for All Hallow's Eve, then look no further than this latest offering from Inphekt. It's not for the faint hearted!!!

Inphekt's 'Fall Silently / Deamonicus' single is available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now!!!



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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Master Mash - Darkcore Whore + Scared Now [2 x Singles Available To Download Now From Bandcamp!!!]

1/ Darkcore Whore.

The Master introduces us to the first piece of darkside brutalism with 'Darkcore Whore'. A track steeped in sinister atmospherics, eerie pads and bubbling, acidic effects overlaid with ten tonne breaks, rumbling bassline and vintage techno synth melodies. Creating an intricate jungle-techno blend destined to wreak devastation on all jungle techno sets.

'Darkcore Whore' is available to download now from the official Master Mash Bandcamp store at a 'Buy Now - Name Your Price' fee, so if you are feeling the tunes and wish to see future darkside releases then be sure to support the cause!!!


1/ Scared Now.

'Scared Now' takes the dark, jungle techno sound into a more dreamlike territory by combining a floating, near uplifting riff which is soon accompanied by a more solid synth pattern and rolling breaks. Things soon taker on a more sinister turn with the introduction of heavy, menacing synth note coupled with scattered 'scared now' vocal samples that'll send shivers down your spine!!!

'Scared Now' is available to download now from the official Master Mash Bandcamp store at a 'Buy Now - Name Your Price' fee, so if you are feeling the tunes and wish to see future darkside releases then be sure to support the cause!!!

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Saturday, 30 September 2017

MUSIC MONDAYS BUNDLE: 'How To Squander Your Potential (VIP MIX)' - The Smart E's & Kniteforce Story - Christopher Howell & LTD 12" EP

'How To Squander Your Potential' is the personal book from the illustrious father of Kniteforce Records, Christopher Howell known as Luna-C in common. This one came officially out about 5 years ago and after all these years among the 25th anniversary of Kniteforce Records, it's now more fresher and more Hardcore, being determined to take you on a endless journey...
Music Mondays, the imprint of Hardcore General Billy Daniel Bunter, presents to the masses the VIP MIX of Luna-C's book, a new addition to label's quality book releases and a must-to-purchase for your librabry.

This new version is expanded including new chapters, new introduction and coming alongside a seriously limited and golden 12" EP with previously unreleasded tunes from back in the day!! All in all it seems to me that it's more kniteforced than ever!

(1) £30 Deluxe Bundle (Limited to 500 copies) - Hard Back Book / Name In Back Of Book / Limited Edition 12

2) £20 Hard Back Book - with Name In Back Of Book

The estimated delivery date is around 1st December, and all you need is to get it in the air and your friends all around the globe. Just ollow the pre-order link above.


Sunday, 24 September 2017

Subsidance Part 3 - Free Event 20th October 2017 Featuring 2 Bad Mice, Tony Vibe / RadioKillaZ, Dusty Ohms, Pressa, Ollie Roots & Harry Rox!!!

Subsidance Friday 20th October 2017 
18:00 Til 00:00.
@ Cafe 1001, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL.

October the 20th sees the Subsidance crew return for their third outing in providing London with the deepest, most immersive selection of jungle breaks, oldskool and nuskool flavoured breakbeat and downtempo beats for FREE!!! 

Taking up residence at the Cafe 1001 club, 91 Brick Lane, Subsidance presents yet another stellar selection of DJ's and artistes including Moving Shadow legend 2 Bad Mice, breakbeat don, Tony Vibes of RadioKillaZ fame, downtempo hip-hop maestro Dusty Ohms, Top Drawer Digital and Subsidance head honcho Pressa, the ever versatile Subsidance regular, Ollie Roots and the inimitable Harry Rox as master of ceremonies.

If deep subsonic basslines paired with rolling, breakbeats is your bag, then get yourself over to Subsidance 3 on Friday 20th October and prepare yourself for getting lost in bass!!!

For further details on Subsidance Part 3 follow the Facebook link below...

And for a taster of what to expect on the night, check out Ollie Roots Subsidance Promo Mix below...

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

[KLPR005] DJ Monk - Stick Em Up / Gimmie Some More - Part 1 / Get Raw [Available To Purchase Now From KLP Records!!!]

A - Stick Em Up.
B1 - Gimmie Some More - Part 1.
B2 - Get Raw.

After a slew of rock solid, contemporary jungle, digital releases, DJ Monk takes another look into the K.L.P. Records D.A.T. archives to unleash another selection of Golden Age, mid-nineties jungle for the vinyl massive. Rewinding back to 1994-1995, DJ Monk presents his latest limited edition, three-track 12" single 'Stick Em Up / Gimmie Some More - Part 1 / Get Raw'. 

The EP opens to some ruffneck, gangstadelic junglism with the Paris sampling 'Stick Em Up', a track which effortlessly fuses together a rugged Think and Amen break percussive backing with a head-nodding bassline, rugged rap retorts and soulful female sighs to devastating effect. 

Up next we are introduced to the jazzy, saxophone led opening notes of 'Gimmie Some More - Part 1', which soon mutates into a tear-out, amen roller packed full of iconic oldskool female vox flavoured with turntablist scratch FX

The collection is brought to a close by 'Get Raw', a track packed full of scuttling breaks, massive Reese bass notes and Big Daddy Kane's no-nosense rap vocalisms to create a perfect marriage between rave culture and East Coast rap.    

If the turning point from ragga junglism to rap flavoured, dancefloor orientated  jump-up brings back fond memories to you, then you cannot pass up on this piece of K.L.P. Records jungle history.

DJ Monk's 'Stick Em Up / Gimmie Some More - Part 1 / Get Raw' Limited Edition 12" single is available to pre-order now from the official KLP Records Bandcamp page for £11.99 (plus postage & packaging). 

What you waiting for? The link is below!!!

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