Friday, 2 December 2016

GL0WKiD's Generation X RadioShow Presents The DEMCORE (Kniteforce) Interview & Guest Mix @ Planet Rave Radio (29/11/16)

This Tuesday, the Strictly NuSkool Blog's very own hardcore ambassador, GL0WKiD delivered a very special, high-octane hardcore driven Generation X Radio Show on Planet Rave Radio.
Alongside GL0WKiD's regular weekly dose of nuskool hardcore mayhem, regular Kniteforce collaborator, Demcore presents an exclusive interview and pounding, hardcore techno fueled guest mix, showcasing his brand new 'A Thousand Different Ways' album plus some bonus Kniteforce goodies.  

Check out the Mixcloud link below to get the Demcore lowdown now!!! 

GL0WKiD Mix -

- Chiqui - Hear Me!
- Ankokushinwa - T.F.K (Space Ragga Mix). [NIZIGEN COMP]
- Awesome 3 - Don't Go. (GWRK Bootleg).
- Bassraver - Tell Me. [MUSIC RASCALS]
- Yudaidhun - Fantasy.
- Yudaidhun - Obviously Free.
- Yudaidhun - Rule Me Tonight (DieTRAX Remix). [NOTEBOOK RECORDS]
- DJGEN - Sing It Loudness. [HI-LITE RECORDS]

Demcore Interview (Background Tracks) -

- Demcore - Truth & Lies (Dave Skywalker Remix). [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Truth & Lies. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Freaks. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - Runaway (Anglerfish & Lucider Remix). [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Doughboy - Here We Go. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]

Demcore Guest Mix -

- Demcore - Always Been Much More Than That (Hardcore Maniac). [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Scartat - The Trustworthy Promoter (Demcore Remix). [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Breaks In The Speakers. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Summer. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Thousand Different Ways. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- The Timespan - Hold Me Passionately (Demcore Remix). [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Lyrical Genius. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Believe. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Grind Everyday. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Truth & Lies. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Freaks. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Blinded By The Limelight. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]

GL0WKiD (Closing Tunes) -

- DJ Luna-C - Technical Shmecnical. [Forthcoming KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
- Scartat - Ammo Bag (Luna-C Remix). [Forthcoming KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

Demcore's 'A Thousand Different Ways (Executive Edition)' album is available to purchase here...

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