Saturday, 10 December 2016

[CRTNPR 014] Sonar's Ghost - Ode 2 EP [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Available To Purchase From Criterion Records Now!!!]

A - Soundless Fusion.
B - Unimaginable Powers.

For anyone who has an interest in breakbeat experimentation then the name Dominic Stanton (aka Sonar's Ghost and a whole host of musical alter egos) will be synonymous with a vast array of genres ranging from techno, future jazz, deep house, broken beat and drum & bass. For Criterion Records latest release, Sonar's Ghost takes us back to the days of deep and atmospheric jungle with the 'Ode 2 EP', 12" vinyl hitting stores now.

'Soundless Fusion' sets the ball rolling with it's teasing, tension building intro composed of restrained drum hits, reverberating chimes and female vocal dialogue before we are launched into a tearing, Photek style amen break driven main. The intensity of 'Soundless Fusion' is furthermore broken up with a lush pad breakdown midway to create a perfect balance of the rough and the smooth.
On the B-Side we are introduced to 'Unimaginable Powers', which follows a similar vintage, drum & bass path by fusing soaring synths, light flute melodies and intricate Oriental notes with invigorating, rolling amens and bass pulses that immediately conjures up memories of classic Good Looking tracks.

If the sounds of intelligently crafted, mid-nineties jungle still holds a place in your heart, then Sonar's Ghost successfully carries the torch for fast-paced breaks and heavenly atmospherics well into 2016.

The limited edition Sonar's Ghost 'Ode 2 EP' 12" vinyl is available to purchase now for €10.00 (+ P&P) from the Criterion Records webstore link below, and has been mastered by legendary Drum & Bass producer Sappo, courtesy of Sappo Mastering. So expect nothing but the best in sound quality!!!

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