Thursday, 3 November 2016

DJ Overdose - Scary Breaks - October 2016

DJ OVERDOSE sharing again his monthly mix including his best of Hardcore & Jungle tunes!
Check out his quick review about his fresh mix and grab it on free download!

" This month as promised has more information and also the mix itself has a "darker" sound. Well it is Halloween this month right? Not really dark side jungle tekno, more a case of some horror themed tracks, which are all good fun. Of particular note is a fantasic EP from Sidestalker. Four tracks filled with breaks and samples from classic old horror films. These tracks are very well made, and have a great 92-93 sound to them. Also in the track list is a couple of tracks from one of my favourite producers, Dave Nexus. He hasn't released many tracks recently, but this month he gave the green light to three! All are of his usual high standard and quality. Usual suspects, Pursuit, Nicky Allen, Impact Beat, Monks and Sparki Dee all feature.

Sure you will all enjoy this mix, without being too scared to turn off the lights.

Can't sign off without a special mention to GL0WKiD. He's done some colaboration work with Old Skool group Xenophobia. Famous for many tracks over the golden years, notably "Rush In The House". Respect to them and GK for a great rave up of a track, filled with vocals and prodigy-esque samples and sounds :)

Shouts to Rick and Ginny, Gunnee, Laura and Gunnee jr, Mad Keeran and Marc B. Dream London, Strictly NuSkool Blog and the producers, DJ's and bloggers. Big up yourselves!"

01 - DJ Overdose - Dead Witch Intro
02 - Sidestalker- The Mummy
03 - DJ Nexus - 1 to 8
04 - Landr - Konfusion
05 - Sidestalker - Wolf Man
06 - Nicky Allen - Rock The Show
07 - Meanstreak - Wreckage
07 - Xenophobia ft GL0WKiD- Glow to the Rush
08 - Impact Beat - Injected
09 - Sparki Dee - Round The Twist
10 - Sidestalker - Frankenstein
11 - Peter Manarchy - Epic Horns
12 - Gareth Monks - LIFT ME HIGH
13 - DJ Nexus - Oh Yeah
14 - Sidestalker - Dracula
15 - Phibes - Who Ya Gonna Call
16 - Pursuit - GO DJ
17 - Master Mash - The Spice Must Flow

DOWNLOAD LINK!Aj4eU-j-E1G0ghVsU5c7Gxz0FZe2


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