Friday, 28 October 2016

"XENOPHOBIA - Sid's Dance Music from 1990 -2000"

Sid Truelove (Xenophobia, Rubella Ballet) has put a few words about his recent installment on his bandcamp page. It's a 18track compilation including Acid House, Oldskool Techno, Breakbeats, House vibes he's done over 1990-2000.
Top fav tunes to check: "Mayday" - "Hardcore Heaven" - "I Can See Angels" - "Go For It"

" Ok here's a bit about the last album I have put up on Bandcamp called Sid's dance music of the 90's is pretty much what it says on the tin, I started writing songs from about 1980 when I only had a Tascam 244 porta studio with 4 tracks, a mic for vocals, a Wem Copycat echo machine and a record player. Then in 1985 I bought a Yamaha SY77 that was really cool but had limited sounds as you can hear from the first 4 tracks. 1992 I invested in an Ensoniq EPS Digital sampler and I was digital, I could sample anything to use to make music it was amazing. I really liked hard house and hard bag as they called it in London in the early 90' and I got into more of a teckno side of hard house. This album is a good overall view of what I wrote at Balfron Tower in my studio there. It's great to have all these track on-line so everyone can hear what I was up to up in the sky in East London."



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