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Old Skool Festival 2016 - Interview with NEFTI

Interview by DJ 2NZY (Damage Inc./Sonic Fortress) & GL0WKiD
Prologue & Editorial by GL0WKiD

Nu-Rave king and Polish super hero, scratchmeister and mainly a down to earth guy has showed me personally that apart from his music skills, he has a skillful good heart aswell. There is nobody in the scene who doesn't know him or love any of his tunes. He's into the game over the last 15 years, getting his name as a trademark to Nu-Rave, Piano Breakbeats and HCB.
We caught up Nefti backstage on the VIP area during the Old Skool Festival 2016 and grabbed the chance to have an interview off the nice chat we had!

So here we are with the Polish Patriot, the #1 hero of the underground in Lodz, Hardcore Breaks legend, the one and only Nefti!

Hi guys!

Great to see you as always Nefti.
Poland loves you but let's tell the world all about you!

Haha, go on then!

Let's see...Who are your influences?

I would have to say the scratchmaster SY and 'Experience' by The Prodigy got me into this music and influencing my DJ'ing and producing, 
When I first heard 'Experience' I was blown away by this music and seeked out more material by The Prodigy and searched for similar artists from the Rave scene.
Years ago also, DJ SY came to Poland with MC Ruff (R.I.P.) and I was listening to him mixing these Rave tunes together with his cutting and scratching, that really influenced me. I wanted to be able to do the same, so I practised and practised.

I got hold of copiess of the Ultimate Breaks 12"s and some cheap turntables to try to be able to do what SY was doing!

You have some favourite labels you can share with us?

Of course!
Suburban Base, Sonic Fortress, Tornado Records, Dragon Technicals, Repeat Offender, Warehouse Wax!

Very nice! Only 1 Old Skool label there, the others all being Hardcore Breaks labels!

Paying respect to great labels putting out music that I like!

So what do you have coming up Nefti?

Well, I'm working on a Rave Force EP at the minute for Intensive Recordings, which is my label. It's going to be a 3 track EP and I'm very excited about the vocal on one of the tunes!
I've decided to use the name Rave Force for my Hardcore Breaks material now, which is what people like and know me for, because I feel the Nefti sound has changed from that now.
It has evolved and moved on into new territory.
I may also release some Drum & Bass on Intensive but using the Intensive Tech sub label.

What has been your best gigs to date?

Hmm, there are 2 that always come to mind. Innovation in Poland in 2010, that was huge getting to play with Aquasky, Ratpack & Baby D and also huge for me was the opportunity to play at The Community Rave 2012. Live in Canada! WOW!!

Community Rave @ The Rockpile - Toronto / Canada

So let's talk about your producing. What are your favourite tools?

Well I've been using FL (Fruity Loops) since the early 2000s, Serum is my favourite synth to get that big bass. I find it easier to use than the more popular Massive.
Unfortunately, I have lost lots of my old projects due to a harddrive failure, this is sad, but I can only move on and make better new material I guess!

Since those early days I have progressed from producing to sound engineering, learning a lot from another Polish legend, CJ Reign. He taught me lots of tips with mastering, mixing, eqing, how to use the software, a big shout has also got to go to Sanxion, he gave me lots of advice on how to improve my sound.

Awesome! OK, before we go, who are your top artists?

Sanxion! This man IS the sound of Rave Breaks/Future Jungle, he has perfected it, it's his sound. The mixdowns, the style of the genre, it is him, if his name is not on the
release, he probably is on the controls behind it!

The Prodigy, because they are the masters, no one can say otherwise, they have been there since the beginning and are still at the top now, no one else comes near!
Damage Inc., exciting, you never know what you are going to get but you can tell it's a Damage Inc. tune. Great sound and real Rave feeling!

Bigup Nefti and thank you a lot for this interview!

Big shouts out to the Strictly NuSkool Blog, Glowkid & 2nzy!

DJ 2NZY (Damage Inc./Sonic Fortress) & Nefti
Nefti - Oneplayz - GL0WKiD

Nefti has recently released a new full length album of him celebrating his 15yr career!
This 12track album is out now on his own label, Intensive Recordings - available on digital stores!

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