Saturday, 15 October 2016


Very delighted listening to Luna-C's new podcast including new and forthcoming tunes to be released on KNITEFORCE either digital or on vinyl and this is what counts more especially for vinyl junkies & lovers!
There are many mad breakbeat and hhc storming tunes inside that will draw your attention and your braincells!

New tunes coming out from German producer Alex Jungle (we're in good contact over the last year with him. Top producer!) and is a new signing on KF label, coming then some winning remixes from the KF contest offered by Billy Daniel Bunter & SanxionScott Brown and Canada's DJ Jeph alongside well known KF suspects like Idealz, Demcore, Scartat as well as Disowned and Cru-l-t himself on neverending class hardcore buzzing!
Everyone can notice that even tho Luna-C became a dad recently and seems busier than ever, that doesn't change anything since you can listen to 12 super tunes on his own mix which will be available very soon on KF store!
Because, KF remains big in the game!

The podcast #49 closes with a special guest hailing from Canada, and that is Kaytaro who puts out a hyper uplifting hardcore dose for the last 35 minutes of this lovely session!


Luna-C Mix

1. Dj Luna-C – Tech Shmec
2. Alex Jungle – The Need In Me
3. Idealz – TunE
4. Cru-l-t – Don’t Be Afraid
5. Alk-e-d – Shining Bright (Dj JePh Remix)
6. Alex Jungle – 5th Season
7. Dj Force & The Evolution – Fall Down On Me (Billy Bunter & Sanxion Mix)
8. Dj Luna-C – Piano Progression (Scott Brown Remix)
9. Demcore – Summer
10. Disowned – The Needles
11. Future Primitive – Ban This (M-Project & Music Servant Remix)
12. Scartat – The Trustworthy Promoter

Kaytaro Mix

1. Taylors Gift – Bad Blud (CLSM Remix – Dave Skywalker Intro Edit)
2. AoS – Chasing Dreams
3. Dj Luna-C – Wonderful Days Remade
4. Damaged – The Bootleg Mash-Up – S3RL – Bass Slut
5. Dave Skywalker – State of Mind
6. Doughboy – Hardcore Sirens
7. Fracus & Darwin – Ready to Rock
9. Getty – Pump It
10. Scott Brown – OhEmGee (Origina Mix)
11. Riko & M-Project – Finally
12. Saiyan & Cru-l-t – CL4P
13. Hixxy – No.1 (Al Storm Remix)

Inappropriate Song Of The Month:
Noah & The Whale – An Atom And A Molecule



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