Friday, 28 October 2016

KF64-KF65:: The Remix's Part 9 & The Remix's Part 10 (KNITEFORCE RECORDS-REMIX RECORDS) [PRE-ORDER NOW]

The wait is over!

18 years was the total number of absence of the Kniteforce Vinyl releases, and this is coming to an end today 28th October 2016 with 2 super 3track 12'' releases coming out after a long competition held by Kniteforce & Remix Records by Luna-C.

These releases have a limited and valuable character, because they're out by the limited number of 300 coming along with the digital format, which won't be anywhere else and never ever provided! In addition features 2 remixes by established big names like Scott Brown, Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion, 2 winners from the competition (Russian producer/DJ, Ant To Be and UK hcb tune machine Nicky Allen) and finally 2 KF signed artists from its squad, like Canada's producer/DJ, Scartat and Luna-C himself!

One of the priviledges you're offered, is that by purchasing your 12'' copy, you'd be given a FREE complete KFA EP alongside Executive Edition tracks.
KF64 comes with "KFA84 - Competition Winners EP" containing 4 main tracks and 3 executive edition tracks, while KF65 comes with "KFA85 - M-Project Takes Over EP" containing 4 amazing remixes from M-Project & Muzik Servant plus 2 bonus executive edition tracks.

This means that by ordering one vinyl only, you're actually getting one more great digital album, which is..insanely kind!

" I love modern hardcore, but old skool and breakbeats is where my heart is. And I love releasing music in any format, but if I can do vinyl? I will do vinyl. "

This is the key phrase shared from Luna-C's long and enjoyable blogpost about KF new releases. And everyone needs to stick in it, because this is the biggest conclusion to what's on his mind, in my opinion...

It's a true and serious fact, that his heart has been always BREAKBEATING!
Some good hints were proved over 2016, since he's been spinning great remixes released throughtout the year, from Inspector Sands, Jedi, Empyreal, and his fresh remix to KF64 on DJ Ham tune alongside his recent KF podcast #49, which was full of new and forthcoming stuff signed to Kniteforce, aiming to bring back Breakbeat Hardcore including new blood & talented producers!

But there are more clues, reasons and examples what you, him and the scene gains from this double rebirth of Kniteforce Vinylized release.. So you'd better devote some time and read full of his article here:

I'd personally won't call it like a launch of new era, because Hardcore remains alive whether you'd call it Oldskool or Nuskool, you'd notice that this Blog has been reviewing a great quantity and quality of releases coming rapidly out there, which means that it's all alive and will be!
This new try and desicion from Luna-C is definetely an expression and way of life, so every Oldskool Hardcore & Breakbeat junkie should show his love & support needed to raise the whole movement even higher!

And finally, one last and personaly thing.I'd like to thank Chris for the special mention and words of praise to my work and my hrs of devotion to Hardcore!
Props to each and everyone representing Hardcore now, then and in the future, which is driven by us all, so here you go guys... KF64 & KF65 are available for pre-ordering!
Make it happen!

A: Luna-C - Piano Progression (Scott Brown Remix)
AA1: Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Ool Lortnoc (Ant To Be Remix)
AA2: DJ Ham - It Would Be (DJ Luna-C Remix)

PRE-ORDER 'Remix's Part 9' HERE

A: Force & Evolution - Fall Down On Me (Billy Bunter & Sanxion Remix)
AA1: Future Primitive - Ban This (Nicky Allen Remix)
AA2: Trip - The Erb (Scartat Remix)

PRE-ORDER 'Remix's Part 10' HERE

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