Monday, 24 October 2016

[BKNV001] KeeZee - Broken Not Fractured EP [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl From Broken Beats Recordings - Pre-Order Your Copy Now!!!]

A1 - Bang.
A2 - First Kontact.
B1 - Ruff.
B2 - Beyond The Atmosphere.

Brighton based junglist, KeeZee's music has played a pivotal role in representing nuskool jungle in the South West of the UK. With many an artist release being featured on a broad range of labels, including Jungle Rollerz, Kode 5 Recordings, Switchblade Digital and Ninja Cutz, as well as playing an active role in promoting the freshest jungle sounds as part of the RK Bass, DJ collective. 2016 sees KeeZee unveil the Broken Beat Recordings label and it's forthcoming debut, 12" vinyl release, the 'Broken Not Fractured EP'.

The EP opens up in true 1994-1995 jungle fashion with the full-on, amen tearout track 'Bang', which combines rapid-fire, machine-gun breaks with boombastic bass notes and soothing pads to create an expertly crafted fusion of the rough and the smooth.
Up next 'First Kontact' follows a similar format, but takes things in a more deeper direction by fusing rolling amen breaks with strong UFO-ology themes.
The flipside introduces us to the fierce, junglistic sounds of 'Run', which opens to the sound of a forlorn military bugle before dropping a tear-out series of intricately sliced and diced drum edits flavoured with rugged ragga chatter and Reese bass drones. The epic 'Beyond The Atmosphere' concludes the EP in fine, atmospheric style with it's lush, sweeping strings and bass pulses before unleashing a stepping break accented with amen edits and gentle piano notes, perfectly capturing the essence of mid-nineties intelligent jungle. 

For a debut release, Broken Beats Recordings have struck gold with this fine selection of jungle tracks, with a strong focus on meticulous drum-work and vintage flavours from roughneck dancefloor bombs, to soaring rollers. If you call yourself a vinyl junglist, then you need this one in your collection!!!

KeeZee's limited edition, 12" vinyl only 'Broken Not Fractured EP' is available to pre-order now from the Broken Beats Recordings official Bandcamp page, for the bargain price of £8.50 plus postage & packaging (and for those wishing to support the artist and label to fund future releses, there is also the option to add extra funds). 

The 'Broken Not Fractured EP' is due to be released on November the 25th, with limited quantities of the 12" vinyl being made available, So order now to avoid disappointment!!!

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