Tuesday, 27 September 2016

XENOPHOBIA - Hypo Psycho EP [First release of Xenophobia - Remastered & Released Digitally]

One of the real trademark and anthemic rave tracks of the Oldskool is without any doubt 'Rush In The House' by Xenophobia.
An energetic act from UK, which origin is truly Punk, alongside MC Scallywag well known from the infamous Spiral Tribe parties and by that period of early 90's, the main man of the band, SID has been experimenting on that new rave direction working on a Cubase programm via an Atari computer along with a Yamaha SY77 digital workstation and a 4track Tascam Portastudio getting all vocals recorded.

It was around in 1991, when they did their first ever release, titled 'HYPO PSYCHO' and was a mostly psychedelic ravey and techno blended release with Zillah's angelic vox and SID's first rave tips.
This came out as a 4track 12'' EP during late 1991 on XENO Recordings and the third track called 'Encounter' was also included on the Theory Records Beyond the Threshold compilation in late 1991 (TR101LP).

'HYPO PSYCHO' has been recently remastered and is available to buy on Xenophobia's bandcamp page alongside many other very essential albums other modern electronic from electro to D&B and other into hardcore with the great example of their masterpiece BRING ON THE RUSH album, which came out this year!



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