Saturday, 17 September 2016

[RS0012] Paul Cronin - Feel So real EP [Juno Download Exclusive Available Now From Raveskool Recordings!!!]

1/ Feel So Real.
2/ Gotta Keep On Pumping It Up.

The inimitable Paul Cronin has had a very productive 2016 with many a release being featured on a whole host of labels and spanning a multitude of genres. Through his partnership with breakbeat maestro, Silverfox on the infamous Music Rascals label Paul saw the release of his debut solo album, 'Hipster' as well as overseeing a slew of music from his very own Raveskool Recordings. And for or his very next musical venture, Paul Cronin introduces two brand new, uplifting breakbeat hardcore tracks with the hyper-euphorik 'Feel So Real EP'.

Kicking off with the future hands-in-the-air anthem that is 'Feel So Real'. The listener is greeted with a relentlessly ecstatic piano melody and vintage rave diva vocals layered over an immense, rolling, amen break and pumping bassline. 'Feel So Real' parties like it's 1992 all over again.

'Gotta Keep On Pumping It Up' also heavily plunders the oldskool rave archives by incorporating legendary, rave vocal samples into a kicking, 4/4 techno backbone accentuated with frenetic stab notes and an electrifying acid B-line.

Unashamedly glee-filled, the 'Feel So Real EP' is a must for any fan of anthemic, breakbeat hardcore tracks that are heavily steeped in oldskool attitude. If you love your hardcore breaks, then "GET ON THIS ONE!!!"

Paul Cronin's 'Feel So Real EP' is available to purchase now exclusively from Juno Download before going on general sale, so get in there quick before everyone else catches on!!!!

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