Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Old Skool Festival 2016 - Interview with ONEPLAYZ

Interview by DJ 2NZY (Damage Inc./Sonic Fortress) & GL0WKiD

Prologue & Editorial by GL0WKiD

Introducing you the hardcore version of Super Mario or even better let's say 'Super Mariusz of Łódź'! A very talented producer/DJ, who has a healthy strong passion for Breakbeat music and was one of the most outstanding acts during OSF2016, having also made the official Anthem of the huge 2dayer festival alongside the magic vox of Martyna Sierminska.
We've caught him during the festival days and have to admit that he's a top lad, cheerful and vodka lover! But in the end, who isn't in this crazy city?

Tell us a little about yourself, how old are you and how long have you been involved in the scene?

Hi guys! I'm 34 years old, hail from the Rave Capital of Lodz and I've been DJ'ing since I was 15 and into production over the last 6 years.

Great! Who are your inspirations?

Nefti (A Lodz legend!), Baby D, Rob Playford - Moving Shadow Records, Ratpack and Lipmaster Mark.

Some legends there! Who would you love to collab with?

I'm fortunate enough to collab with Nefti many times on DJing and producing, as we live very near to each other.
Apart from this collab, I would love to work with Baby D or Ratpack!

What is your favourite Oneplayz track?

This is easy! It's 'The Old Skool Festival Anthem' featuring the amazing vocals of Martyna Sierminska. This is available as a free download from my Soundcloud.
Please go and check it out!

What do you use for producing your tracks?

You should always be yourself and make what's in your heart,
My favourite tools are FL (Fruity Loops) and the Korg M1 vst for it's classic piano and organ sounds.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Old Skool Festival?

I can't wait to see Rozalla! She is amazing!
Other than her, partying with Damage Inc., Glowkid and Nefti. Crazy guys!

What was your 1st gig and what was your favourite?

My first gig was at Phobia 2001 and my favourite has been The Old Skool Festival for sure and I want to thank Tornado for giving me the opportunity!

So what's next for Oneplayz?

More Breaks sets and tunes under the name Oneplayz!
Looking to work with Martyna againg because she has beautiful vocals!
Starting a DnB aka under the name Liquid Lighting and looking forward to future gigs in our group Pianoholix featuring me, Nefti and Dymeq.

Oneplayz has released during summertime, a marvellous 11track personal album, celebrating his 15 years in the scene. The album is out now on Nefti's label Intensive Recordings and you can grab it on Beatport HERE. Class Breakbeat & Rave Breaks work!


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