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Old Skool Festival 2016 - Interview with DJ TORNADO

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Interview by DJ 2NZY (Damage Inc.)
Prologue & Editorial by GL0WKiD

A hard working man, an established member of the almighty Polish Hardcore Skool keeping it for real from 90's till now, running his own label Tornado Records, and being faithful and devoted on what he loves mostly!
And what's that?
Oldskool Music, you can generally call it and our Captain, Marcin Kret better known as DJ TORNADO will do the rest!
Old Skool Festival 2016 was the huge 2dayer festival happened throughout our community, our scene, our music! And it came to be higher than last year and a trademark of the present history of Hardcore!
More details about our Captain are following on his answers...

Hi Tornado! Firstly congratulations on a bigger, better and amazing Old Skool Festival! Lodz really is the Rave Capital!
I see you're really passionate about this music genre, from your DJ sets with Leo, which are amazing every time, to the label and store promoting these artists and the genre, and even from small events to these huge festivals! All I can say is WOW!
I am still suffering from the weekend, how long do you think you need to recharge?

Well I think it may take even a month as I was working hard for last 6 months and really need a long holiday. Everyone was complaining about my behaviour, family and friends.
OSF2016 affected my private life so I need my life to get back to me.

Do you have any plans for a forthcoming release with your label?

Not at this moment. Last vinyl was released in 2013 and it was very, very limited double picture disk, but since this time I have no new ideas and plans, today market is different.
I'd wish to release something but only on vinyl. There are not too many vinyl collectors and DJs playing vinyl so that's why I don't have any vision.
Another problem is a good vinyl press company. There was one excellent at Crickelwood but they shut down. Recently I was doing TOR011 in Czech and was a crap even after 3 different test press.
It's better not to press vinyl rather then press low quality. If you are doing thousands records then you can afford for the best quality and expensive factories, but if you are doing 300-400 records then you need to search for affordable companies and usually the don't offer good quality.

I see you have pushed and promoted Polish artists.
Do you have any favourite Polish artists?

My favourite artists are Oneplayz, Nefti and Wonter.

And who are your favourite Old Skool artists?

Difficult to say as there are many, but if I could select one only it would be Acen.

Are there any artists you would love to get for the next Old Skool Festival?

A list is long. However organising this level of event involves really big money and huge amount of your time.
Everything depends on sponsors, as two previous events I have financed from my own pocket, but it is really difficult to manage this kind of event.
If I will not find someone serious and strategic then I will become retired rather than doing something small except free parties for friends up to 100 people in a garage or hired small pub.

Why is this music so alive in Lodz do you think?

Because culture is still alive,  people love it, DJs are doing events, also long tradition and legend 'New Alcatraz' makes it alive.
Also, this music has a real power and energy!

OK, this is a tough one... Being so busy you don't catch everything going on in the night as you are needed everywhere at once, it is draining.
Whose performance were you most looking forward to for the event and out of who you caught. Who did you enjoy the most?

I was looking forward to see N-Joi and Rozalla and enjoyed both, bit definitely for me, the Queen of the Weekend was Rozalla.

One of the things that make your events stand out is the choice of the artists selected, the line ups are huge and full of the important artists behind this music and not
the boring stale repeated line ups that appear in London for example, long may this continue.
This is what sets these events apart and higher than what's happening elsewhere.
Seriously, where else are these line ups playing? Only in Lodz, hence the Rave Capital!
Amazing work! What do you have up your sleeve next?

Some artists belong to permanent Tornado team, however I'm trying not to repeat too often them. I have few ideas and pre-agreed bookings, however as I said above - everything depends on sponsors.

I have played at most venues in Lodz, big and small, and I love the Bedroom venue, it is the perfect setup,
Do you have any favourites, past or present?

Bedroom is really a good venue as it is ex-theatre, so it has large front stage, good infractructure. In the past a good venue was the Cube.
This is problem in Lodz- lack of good venues with all infrastructure also managers if they don't like specific kind of music they will not hire venue.
Conditions offered by venue managers are unacceptable for most event organisers.

Ok, what are your 3 favourite Old Skool tunes, and your 3 favourite Hardcore Breaks tunes?

haha, I love them all!, but...

01. The Prodigy - G-Force part.1
02. The House Crew - We Are Hardcore
03. Acen - Windows in the Sky part.3
01. The Flashback Project - Another Dimension
02. Damage Inc - I Found You
03. The Flashback Project - Hands In The Air

Something different now...
3 places visitors to Lodz should check out when in town?

01. Restaurant Izba Chlopska - excellent polish food
02. Manufaktura - Shopping Centre
03. Piotrkowska street - walk thru and see this famous Lodz's high street

Regarding Hardcore Breaks, what would you like to see happen next for it?

Promoting them in popular radio stations!

What do you think of an Hardcore Breaks event or event with a 2nd Hardcore Breaks room?

I was already thinking about it during OSF2016, but due to lack of rooms decided to leave main arena only.
OSF edition 3 will not happen at Bedroom, but I already have plans, as there will be place for 3 stages.

Any messages for the readers out there?

Money are not everything! Make Love not hate. Family and friends first!

This is very true, in a World obsessed with bling, money is not everything, time is the most valuable so let's make sure that time is great!

OK, thank you Tornado, we shall leave you to it!


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