Friday, 23 September 2016

NEAP TIDE Mix by Shu/Mana Boom

For those who haven't realised about it, Russia remains powerful and has never left from the Hardcore game!
These days, we're very pleased catching up with a 'new blood' producer who's name is Sergey Musatov or NEAP TIDE.
His name might sound fresh in the Hardcore Breaks scene, tho his own productions have started during 90's!
This producer was recently signed on Spanish label Ravenoyz Recordings after found by Wislov, and he is featured on the brand new 'Best of Ravenoyz' huge 10track compilation with a superb 160bpm tune!

If you wanna listen to more from him you can simply check out this minimix made by a great representer of Russian Hardcore School, like Shu from the duet of Mana Boom.
This mix contains tunes made by Neap Tide and is a very good promoting tool given as gift from Shu to us all.

So Njoy!


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