Monday, 22 August 2016

DAVE SKYWALKER LIVE @ BoomTown Festival (12th Aug. 2016)

" So here we are guys, my set live from the absolutely immense BOOM TOWN FESTIVAL 2016!

MASSIVE respect to Ali for asking me to play, the Jungle Syndicate and Amen-Tal crews, and all the people behind DSTRKT5 and Boomtown. Already looking forward to 2017 which will deffo be on my festival calendar for next year!

So here's the tracklisting - a smattering of jungle, some breakbeat hardcore shenanigans, a few of my own dubs, and a little bit of hardcore. Oh, and Rick Astley. Enjoy!"

01. Astoria (Dave Skywalker MOAR KIX Dub)
02. Jungle Citizens vs Damien Marley - Set Up Shop
03. Riton - Rinse & Repeat (Rockwell vs Dave Skywalker MOAR KIX Dub)
04. Sam Binga - Pound 4 Pound (Dave Skywalker Amen Rinseout Dub)
05. Dave Skywalker - Send For Ali
06. Jow & Dave Skywalker - Got To Give It
07. Skream vs Cassius - Luv U So (Dave Skywalker Remix)
08. Zero Hero - Back Again
09. Sparky - Love Like This (Hattrixx & Advanc3d Remix)
10.Insane & Mind - Open Up Your Heart (Dave Skywalker Remix)
11.Jack U - Take U There (Graz Remix)
12.Jakazid - Amnesia
13.Jack U - Jungle Bae VIP (Callum Higby Edit)
14.Gammer - Red Drink Foam Party (KTRA Mix)
15.Diplo & GTA vs Gammer - Boy Oh Boy (Dave Skywalker Rick Roll Edit)
16.Nightcore - Go Gadget (IYF & Nobody Hardcore Edit)
17.Dave Skywalker - Everybody
18.Dave Skywalker - Pandora
19.Dave Skywalker - Major Rager

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