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[CUT028] Various Artists - Total Amenation [Switchblade Digital 20 Track Double CD Compilation Out Now!!!]

Disc 1 -
1/ Krave - Wicked Tingz. 
2/ Necrotype - Flashes. 
3/ DJ Wislov - Bully. 
4/ Rad Rod - Flyin'.
5/ Msymiakos - Cyberninja.
6/ Richard Champion - Playing God.
7/ Master Mash - Siren In The Dark. 
8/ Pursuit - Feel Alright.
9/ Abyss - Attack Of The Drums. 
10/ Beat Rapist - Dark Dreams.

Disc 2 -
1/ KeeZee - Thoughts.
2/ Deadly Nightshade - Dark Angel. 
3/ Coco Bryce - Class Action.
4/ Beatgem - Raw Stylus.
5/ Breakbeat Scientist - Darkside Dub. 
6/ Liam T - Can't Do This.
7/ Lucky Dime - FTP 303. 
8/ Johnny Two Bad - Bad Dreams (Junglistic Vibes Mix).
9/ Yell-O-Phase - Hail Satan.
10/ CLSM - Be A Junglist.

Over the past 2 years the Switchblade Digital label has released a steady flow of some of the most heavyweight and darkly atmospheric breakbeat hardcore, jungle and drum & bass that the scene has ever heard. And for their latest release, Switchblade label boss, Abyss unleashes the 'Total Amenation' album. A mammoth collection of twenty of the underground's most talented breakbeat luminaries, who were given only one objective. To deliver a collection of tearing, amen break anthems that are guaranteed to test all sound-systems...

Krave sets the ball rolling with his frantic recreation of authentic, 1994-styled junglism with 'Wicked Tingz' before Necrotype revitalises the vintage techstep sound with the inherently sinister 'Flashes'. We are subjected to some serious audio-punishment with DJ Wislov's epic, breakbeat hardcore track, 'Bully' next before Rad Rod drops some razor-sharp stabbage over some fiercely chopped-up jungle breaks, and some seriously cheeky pop samples on 'Flyin'. With 'Cyberninja', jungle don, Msyimiakos closes the first quarter of the album with his perfectly balanced combination of smooth pads, dub-reggae riddims and ruffneck breaks.

Next up to the plate is the ever versatile Richard Chamion, who takes us fast forward into the future with his breakneck speed, nuskool jungle anthem 'Playing God'. 1992 darkcore is the name of the game with Master Mash's pitch black acid-hardcore anthem, 'Siren In The Dark', which in turn is perfectly juxtaposed by the uplifting, positive hardcore-jungle vibes of Pursuit's 'Alright'. Switchblade Digital's head honcho, Abyss hits us with some intensely dark jungle choppage with the with 'Attack Of The Drums' before the infamous Beat Rapist closes Disc 1 with the low down and dirty Reese bass fueled 'Dark Dreams'.

Disc 2 sees KeeZee's 'Thoughts' inject some deep, drum & bass vibes into the collection before we are taken back to the darkside once more with 'Dark Angel' by Deadly Nightshade. Coco Bryce takes things in a more experimental direction with quirky jungle track 'Class Action' while Beatgem presents his soulfully chilled, yet manic break-fest that is 'Raw Stylus'. Then some bloke called Breakbeat Scientist drops some 'Darkside Dub' next, which features a blend of dark hardcore and heavy, dubwise elements.

Liam T's 'Can't Do This' sees a ten-tonne, rolling break section paired with massive D&B bass growls and flashes of rave stabs before Lucky Dime delivers a brutally rebellious, acid hardcore missive with the very relevant anti-police corruption protest track, 'FTP 303'. We are taken back to classic, '94 jungle vibes once again with Johnny Two Bad's lush, feelgood anthem 'Bad Vibes (Junglistic Vibes Mix)' which segues perfectly into Yell-O-Phase's 'Hail Satan', an intoxicating and eclectic melting pot of 100mph breakbeat hardcore (watch out for that rushy, symphonic violin solo!). The legendary CLSM closes the album in proper nuskool jungle fashion with the stepping, amen accentuated 'Be A Junglist', but before you pack up and leave, be sure to check out the cheeky little amen-troll track hidden on the outro.

If you are an amen break aficionado, then the 'Total Amenation' album offers a prime selection of tracks showcasing the versatility of that infamous 4 bar drum-loop. So whether you're a dedicated follower of roughneck junglism, uncompromising darkcore, rolling drum & bass or uplifting, amen driven hardcore breaks. Switchblade Digital's 'Total Amenation' is a must for your collection!!!!

The limited edition 'Total Amenation' double CD album is available to purchase now from the Switchblade Digital webstore for the bargain price of £9.00 (plus postage and packaging). 'Total Amenation' will also be available to purchase digitally from all good online music stores in the near future...

...And for those of you who may have missed out on the previous Switchblade Digital CD album, 'From The Depths Of Hades', the 'The 'Ardcore Schwarzenegger EP' on Switchblade Vinyl and Abyss' appearance on the excellent 'Myor Massiv 02' vinyl release, then you can get copies here, but you better be quick as quantities are limited!!!

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DJ Wislov / Ravenoyz Recordings

Rad Rod


Richard Champion

Master Mash



Beat Rapist


Deadly Nightshade

Coco Bryce

Breakbeat Scientist

Liam T

Johnny Two Bad

Yell-O-Phase / KHK Records


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