Wednesday, 3 August 2016

[BOOM00060] Jungle Drone - Encodings EP Volume One [Exclusive Beatport Pre-Release Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ Shuffle Crew.
2/ Branch Point.
3/ Vanilla Plate.
4/ Shuffle Crew (Jungle Drone's Alternative Version).

Boomsha Recordings are back again with another serious selection of smooth, future jungle cuts with the release of the epic, four track strong 'Encodings EP Volume One' by Melobourne based, breaks and bass pioneer Mshcode under his brand new  moniker.

Jungle Drone first introduces us to the laid back, jazzy jungle sounds of 'Shuffle Crew', with it's combination of crisp, rolling breakbeats and bubbling bassline juxtaposed by a 'sting-in-it's-tail' series of piercing bass drones that'll catch any unaware listener off guard. Up next, 'Branch Point' carries aloft the torch for deep jungle with a hidden undercurrent of danger, with it's implementation of smoke-hazed atmospherics, murky bass and razor-sharp synth notes, reminiscent of  the more restrained output of tech-step era No U-Turn Records.

The languid, sensi-steeped guitar licks of the opening bars of 'Vanilla Plate' lulls the listener into a false sense of security before merging effortlessly into an heavyweight, pitched down amen break backing providing a gorgeously crafted blend of the rough and the smooth. To close the EP we are re-introduced to 'Shuffle Crew' once more with 'Jungle Drone's Alternative Version', which offers a lighter variation of the original's rugged break section.

The Jungle Drone 'Encodings EP Volume One' is available to purchase now as an exclusive Beatport pre-release for before going on general release to all digital download stores on 15/08/16, so get in there early before everyone else does!!!


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