Sunday, 17 July 2016

[SFR 003] Various Artists - We Suffer In Silent E.P. [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Pre-Orders & Digital Downloads Available Now!!!]

A1 - Fathom - Ghosting.
A2 - Inphiltrate - Guilty Pleasure.
B1 - Abstract Illusion - Isolation V.I.P.
B2 - Redshift - Ancient Dub.

Hot on the heels of Abstract Illusion's excellent 'Kylo's Theme / Dark Droid Dub', Silent Force Recordings are back again with their latest vinyl offering, the 'We Suffer In Silent E.P.'. Featuring four expertly crafted, deep jungle cuts that will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning drum & bass head out there.

We are first introduced to the epic 'Ghosting' by Fathom, which blends fierce, layered amen breaks with subsonic bass booms, vintage rap snippets and an atmospheric, two note synth motif that's guaranteed to get the neck hairs standing. Up next Inphiltrate presents us with some seriously abstract, jungle-funk with 'Guilty Pleasure', a combination of deftly programmed, scuttering jungle breaks with soulfully pitched-up, female vocal samples and an exhilarating, stop-start, descending melody.

The B-Side sees the return of Abstract Illusion to the label with his symphonic, string-laden epic, 'Isolation V.I.P.'. Where soaring pads accompanied by sweeping violin melodies and gentle plucked string notes join in harmony with a rolling 'Apache' breakbeat pattern and life-affirming dialogue. Last but definitely not least, Redshift introduces  his sci-fi themed, amen break assault that is 'Ancient Dub'. A track which offers up a blistering combination of breakbeat choppage complimented by ominous synth notes and obscure b-movie samples to deliver a perfectly frantic conclusion to the EP.

In terms of offering the listener a varied blend of expertly produced, and stylistically varied jungle/drum & bass tracks. The 'We Suffer In Silent E.P.' carries on the torch from such esteemed releases such as the 'Enforcers' series on Reinforced and is a must have for any vinyl fanatic worth their salt. Do not delay, pre-order today!!!

The 'We Suffer In Silent E.P.' 12" vinyl is available to pre-order now from the Silent Force Recordings Bandcamp page for £10.99 plus postage & packaging. Quantities are limited to only 100 copies and also include a free digital copy of the EP.
Digital versions of the 'We Suffer In Silent E.P.' are also available to purchase now for only £4.00, and in any digital format you could possibly desire.

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