Thursday, 2 June 2016

[QPA018] NickyNutz - Downtown 5am / Driftin' Spirit [Download The Quantum Progression Audio Beatport Exlusive Now!!!]

1/ Downtown 5am.
2/ Driftin' Spirit.

The inimitable jungle maestro NickyNutz makes his debut appearance on the Quantum Progression Audio label with the release of the brand new 'Downtown 5am / Driftin' Spirit' digital single.

We are first introduced to the broodingly immersive, dark jungle sounds of 'Downtown 5am' which conjures up visions of a nourish, blues bar situated in the deepest reaches of 'Bladerunner's dystopian interpretation of L.A. Where industrial sounding breaks and booming bass throbs clash with melancholy piano notes to create an exhilarating sense of unease.
'Driftin' Spirit' on the other hand sees Nicky lead us deep into dark jungle territory with it's portentous, tension filled intro which soon reaches it's frantic amen layered drop midway. 'Driftin' Spirit' proves to be a perfect sonic exercise in dramatic build up and release.

Once again NickyNutz delivers another beautifully crafted, yet dark and menacing selection of tracks that will compliment any deep drum & bass/jungle set.

The NickyNutz 'Downtown 5am / Driftin' Spirit' single is available to download as a 2-week Beatport exclusive, before going on general release to other digital stores, so get on these quick before everybody else does!!!

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