Friday, 17 June 2016

Oneplayz Ft. Martyna Siermińska- Hymn Old Skool Festival 2016

This is the official anthem of this year's upcoming Old Skool Festival 2016, which will take place in Hardcore capital of Poland, Lodz and its about a huge 2-dayer festival including big acts!

More info/Tickets:



N-Joi live PA (confirmed)
Rachel Wallace - Live PA (confirmed)
Davos - Live PA (confirmed)
Rozalla - Live PA (confirmed)
Kelly Llorenna feat. N-Trance - Live PA (confirmed)
N.R.G. (confirmed)
Fat Controller (confirmed)
FRIDAY (Dukee & MC Adi) (confirmed)
Butcher Jungle Drummer - Live PA (confirmed)
MC Fusion (confirmed)

plus support:
Gl0wkid (confirmed)
Oneplayz (confirmed)
Patrol (confirmed)
Lunatic (confirmed)
MC Fantazia (TBC)
MC Kwadrat (confirmed)
Niespodzianka (confirmed)


Ragga Twins - Live PA (confirmed)
General Levy (confirmed)
Freestylers (confirmed)
Dreadsquad - Marek, Kasia Malenda & Blackout (confirmed)
Sublove (confirmed)
Nicky Blackmarket (confirmed)
MC Co-Gee (confirmed)

plus support:
Kaps (confirmed)
R.I.P. Danger (confirmed)
Greg Sin Key (confirmed)
Infinity (confirmed)
MC Akira (confirmed)
MC Kwadrat (confirmed)
MC Dee (confirmed)

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