Wednesday, 18 May 2016


A very good chance getting to know this brilliant 'nu-rave brain'!

His name is Yudaidhun. He's a 26 yr old producer/DJ from Japan, who's influenced by Oldskool Rave and acts like The Prodigy, Acen, Ratpack, Slipmatt, Baby D and he's been into production the last 9 years.
Yudaidhun has already released a great variety of releases on local Japanese labels, showing off his outstanding side of talent.

During this week he compiled a 19track album including his very own productions all over the years. This album is called "YUDAIDHUN CLASSICS" and consists of 19 released and unreleased tunes, which cover genres such as Happy Hardcore, Oldskool Breaks & Jungle.

This Album is available on free download and apart from the tunes inside, there's also a booklet of 38 pages on .pdf format, where Yudaidhun says it all about himself and his work in full detail!

Some words from him about this Album:

" this album includes the tracks respecting early 90s style. I did my best to reproduce the unique sounds, the mixture of early digital (Lo-Fi PCM and Samplers) and analog (synthesizers and tapes) sounds. Although I compiled this album from the music which I previously made,
the mastering process was much harder than I expected. Especially for the old tracks, sometime I need to salvage the data before the process, take care the muffled broken mix, or I had to do un-mastering. I can say it was extraordinary difficult job I have ever done"

Here are few words from him about Oldskool, taken off his booklet

"I don’t deny that one of the reason is because many tracks in the album are already released. However, rather than that fact, I want to spread the art of Oldskool to more people, especially who doesn’t even know the Oldskool. Even me, 26 years old, maybe I don’t have any chances to listen to the Oldskool music if I don’t buy many cheap old CDs at Book-Off (Japanese thrift store, old CDs for 250JPY or 500JPY). Therefore, younger people should have much less chances to listen and feel the old good vibes. It is my true pleasure if someone gets inspired by my works and the style, or starts producing the new tracks to the current scene."

You may grab this Album on free download by entering on the following link


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