Monday, 9 May 2016

[YBU 003] Rez - Jah Strength EP [Available To Download Now From Yeska Beatz Unlimited!!!]

1/ Satellites.
2/ Jah Strength.
3/ Machinas.
4/ (Bonus Jungle Bootleg Remix)

Coming straight outta the Los Angeles underground jungle scene, DJ and producer Rez drops four massive, sub-bass heavy jungle cuts with the release of the 'Jah Strength EP' on Yeska Beatz Unlimited that will be guaranteed to get your bassbins trembling.

The EP kicks off with the intense sounds of  'Satellites' which drops a rolling series of 'Soul Pride' breaks on the intro, before introducing us to a barrage of fiercely chopped amens accompanied by vintage jungle vocal samples and a menacing hoover riff to get your neck hairs standing. 
The oldskool rave influence is carried through onto 'Jah Strength' with it's fusion of twisting and morphing mentasm stabs with tearing amen breaks, throbbing bass notes and soothing pads to expertly juxtapose the chaos.
The hauntingly dark 'Machinas' soon follows suit and takes things in a more off kilter direction with heavyweight tech-step style break switches and unnerving, atonal soundscaping. The 'Jah Strength EP' is brought to a close with a cheeky, unofficial 'Jungle Bootleg Remix' of a certain future jazz/downtempo group who will remain unnamed. Lest to say that this reworking is about as far from trip-hop as you could possibly get!!!

From rugged junglism, to abstract darkness and jazzed up breakbeatism. Rez delivers a frenetic and stylistically varied EP that has one thing in common... they're all tearing!!!

Rez's 'Jah Strength EP' is available to purchase now from the official Yeska Beatz Unlimited Bandcamp page for $4 (or more if you wish to support the artists and label to make more tunes), and coming with a bonus freebie track to top it off, how can you say no???

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