Thursday, 26 May 2016

DJ OVERDOSE Jungle Breaks Mix - May 2016

"This month's mix is essentially a mix of Jungle esque tracks. There's one happy track hidden in there, just for you Gunnee!

Not much to really say apart from this was a bit of a rushed mix, one I wasn't happy with, but just lost the incentive to re-do a mix at this late stage of the month. In no way a reflection on the hard work of the track's producers, more a case of I have had too many distractions this month to mix as much as I would have liked. Only touched the turntables twice for about an hour each!

Anyway, shouts to all the usual jeepers, creepers and those with peepers. Keep it real!"

01 - DJ Overdose - Ready For It Intro
02 - Beat Rapist - Instrument Of Jungle
03 - Sparki Dee - A.N.G.R.Y (Back On The Attack)
04 - Rush Of The Underground
05 - Necrotype - Pornographic
06 - Hall Of Rave
07 - Thermal Energy
08 - Exit Point - Who Run Tingz
09 - Galvatron - Liquid Nights
10 - FLeCK - Super Sharp Special
11 - Wanna Fight
12 - JINX - OOOO EEEE 0db
13 - Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb (DJ Jedi Remix)
14 - Langham - Sorry Madonna
15 - DJ Overdose - Always Remember Outro

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