Tuesday, 31 May 2016

[ARR085] Various Artists - Spring Break Drum'N'Bass Selections 2016 [Available Now From All Good Allowance Records Digital Stockists!!!]

1/ Echel0n - So Sorry (Vocal Edit).
2/ Prizm Prime Ft. Gina Lola - My Future Me (Vocal Mix).
3/ Prizm Prime - My Future Me (Instrumental).
4/ Trixta UK Ft. Elle - Submersion (Nicky Havey Rmx).
5/ G&J - Sunset.
6/ Arkitex Ft. Lady Emz - The Way We Do.
7/ Chris Kaoz - Someone.
8/ FiendReflex - Say Good Bye (Vocal Edit).
9/ FiendReflex - Say Good Bye (Instrumental).
10/ Nicky Havey - Happy Days.
11/ DJ Dirty One - New Old Skool.
12/ DJ Relitivity - Synthetic Solice.
13/ K@oSinFusion - Clique.
14/ Quartizone Ft. Josiah - Unlock The Sun (Vocal Edit).
15/ Quartizone - Unlock The Sun (Instrumental).
16/ Emotion1 - Turning Point.
17/ Exit Point - Falling.
18/ Marcus Tee - Emergency.
19/ Opius - Sunship.
20/ Tecto & Thesis - Strangers (Vocal Edit).
21/ Tecto & Thesis - Strangers (Instrumental).
22/ Tailwhip - Virus.
23/ Trixta_UK Ft. Ella Sopp - Deeper Love (Vocal Edit).
24/ Subteq - Winter Sun.

Now that the sun has finally risen from it's long Winter slumber, Allowance Records have gathered together the cream of the underground drum & bass scene to compile a prime selection of twenty-four upfront and uplifting tracks to enhance your Summer listening experience with the release of the 'Spring Break Drum'N'Bass Selections 2016' compilation.

The album opens with two strong vocal numbers with Echel0n's stirringly emotive 'So Sorry (Vocal Edit)' closely followed by and the languid liquid grooves of Prizm Prime and songstress Gina Lola's 'My Future Me (Vocal Mix)', which also comes in instrumental form for those who prefer a vocal-less version.

Trixta UK featuring the vocal talents of Elle sees their 'Submersion' track receive an exclusive Nicky Havey Remix)' next before  we are introduced to G&J's infectiously catchy, bassline driven stepper, 'Sunrise'. Arkitex and Lady Emz delivers another smooth and soulful, vocal roller with 'The Way We Do' to conclude the first quarter of' 'Spring Break Drum'N'Bass Selections 2016'.

Chris Kaoz drops a combination of rugged beats and bass alongside gradually ascending keys on 'Somebody', while Allowance Records head honcho, FiendReflex introduces the soulfully vocalled, Reese bass meets invigorating trance riff propelled 'Say Goodbye (Vocal Edit)' which is also accompanied by an instrumental version.

With 'Happy Days' we see the return of Nicky Havey who merges 100mph breaks and growling bass notes with gorgeous synth notes and epic pads before DJ Dirty One takes us on a journey with 'New Old Skool', with it's fusion of classic soul vocals, rugged breaks and one massive surprise bass drop. DJ Relativity's 'Synthetic Solice' presents us with a perfect contrast between rolling amens and gentle piano melodies.

The powerful anti-materialism message of 'Clique' by K@oSinFusion opens up the second half of the album to a string led crescendo and is soon succeeded by Quartizone and Josiah's euphorically uplifting drum and bass ode to Summer, 'Unlock The Sun (Vocal Edit)' and it's instrumental mix.

Emotion1 rolls out the phat bass heavy synths and hands in the air stabs with 'Turning Point' backed up by Exit Point's moody liquid roller 'Falling' which incorporates soothing pads with sinister bass throbs. 'Emergency' by Marcus Tee sees hip-hop soundbites merge with chilled, yet roughneck D&B attitude.

A melancholic, retro-rave tinged piano section introduces Opius' growling bass fuelled stepper, 'Sunship' which is soon accompanied by Tecto & Thesis upfront, dancefloor focussed 'Strangers', in both rapid-fire, MC vocal led or instrumental versions.

The very last trio of tracks of this epic release compose of Tailwhip's 'Virus', a tense neuro track that wouldn't sound out of place if found in John B's late nineties back catalogue. Trixta UK featuring Ella Sopp's deep soul themed liquid number, 'Deeper Love (Vocal Edit)' and finally Subteq's sublime 'Winter Sun'.

If you are looking for the very best in bold, uplifting and liquid drum & bass tracks to get the party going full pelt, then you can't do wrong in delving deep into 'Spring Break Drum'N'Bass Selections 2016'.

The mammoth 'Spring Break Drum'N'Bass Selections 2016' compilation is available to purchase now from all good Allowance Records digital stockists...





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