Friday, 6 May 2016

[7TH 12009] Worldwide Epidemic - The Waveshaper E.P. [7TH 12010] The Dark Arts - Volume 3 [Two Limited Edition 12" Singles Available To Pre-Order Now]

After a successful spell of re-releasing sought after back catalogue singles, 7th Storey Projects are back with a vengeance with the release of two brand new, vinyl releases with Worldwide Epidemic's 'The Waveshaper E.P.' and 'The Dark Arts - Volume 3' EP becoming available to pre-order now. 

Both releases will be mastered and cut by the legendary Beau Thomas of 1087 Mastering services (aka as pivotal member of Intense, Babylon Timewarp, The Whitehouse Crew) so top quality vinyl will be guaranteed!!!

A1 - Proceed... (Through The Gates Of Hell).
A2 - Graveyard Swing.
AA1 - Obliquity.
AA2 - Penumbra.

Ever since his 2011 self released debut release, Worldwide Epidemic has continually evolved his sound with many a track appearing on labels such as Paranoid Recordings, Long Live The Animals, Kode 5 Recordings, 7th Storey Projects and even our very own Strictly NuSkool label. Fast forward five years and 7th Storey Projects are proud to present the forthcoming release of Worldwide Epidemic's 'The Waveshaper E.P.' featuring four massive nuskool jungle techno tunes only available on vinyl.

The listener is at first drawn to 'Proceed... (Through The Gates Of Hell)', where 'The Waveshaper E.P.' stamps it's raison d'etre by replicating the legendary Jack Smooth/Basement Records sound synonymous with oldskool jungle techno. Soaring pads and razor sharp synth notes converge with rolling breakbeats and thudding kicks to perfectly capture that retro-futuristic, 1993-1994 sound. Opening to the strains of rugged Two Dark Troopers style breaks and pounding 4/4 kickdrums, 'Graveyard Swing' soon drops a series of doom-laden, bell tolls which flow into an immense, sweeping synth melody backed by techno stabs to increase the unease

Things lighten up a touch on 'Obliquity', as we are taken on an invigorating and atmospheric jungle tekno journey where lush, uplifting pads combine with soothing diva vocals to provide a perfect moment of solitude amongst the darkness. The EP closes in spectacular style with the breakbeat-techno fusion of 'Penumbra', where bubbling, basslines blend with chunky breaks bass-heavy bleeps.

If you have a passion for intelligent techno elements melded with crisp, junglistic breakbeats then Worldwide Epidemic delivers the goods on 'The Waveshaper E.P.', proving that the classic jungle techno sound still has relevance in 2016. So support the cause by pre-ordering now!!!

Worldwide Epidemic's 'The Waveshaper E.P.' is now available to pre-order from the 7th Storey Projects webstore link below for £7.99 (plus Postage & Packaging), and is expected to be ready for delivery at the beginning of July 2015.


A1 - Tim Reaper - Spiralling Down.
A2 - Necrotype - A Certain Bend In Space.
AA1 - FX - Wake Up.
AA2 - Tim Reaper & Worldwide Epidemic - Z Maze.

And if that wasn't enough vinyl for you, then 7th Storey Projects has another treat in store for you with the unveiling of the third installment of 'The Dark Arts' series of EP's. This time featuring the immense talents of darkside pioneers, Tim Reaper, Necrotype, FX and devastating collaboration of Tim Reaper and Worldwide Epidemic

Tim Reaper goes all out 1993 style junglism on your ears with the frantic 'Spiralling Down' which comes proppeled with intense, rolling amen breaks and an infectiously addictive stab patter before Necrotype takes us deep into the darkside with the menacingly atmospheric 'A Certain Bend In Space'. Which expertly fuses haunting pads and booming bass notes with rough and rugged, junglistic percussion.

Darkcore maestro, FX kicks off the flipside with the sinister cinematic sounds of 'Wake Up'. A track which combines heavyweight half-time beats over rapid-fire machine-gun breaks set to pensive movie samples. Tim Reaper and Worldwide Epidemic join forces to create the immense, amen meets kickdrum driven jungle-techno beast that is 'Z Maze' to conclude the EP.

As with previous entries in 'The Dark Arts' series, the 7th Storey Projects label once again presents the very best reinterpretations of the classic 1993-94 dark jungle formula in order to satisfy the desires of even the most discerning darkcore vinylists out there.

'The Dark Arts - Volume 3' EP is now available to pre-order from the 7th Storey Projects webstore link below for £8.49 (plus Postage & Packaging), and is expected to be ready for delivery at the beginning of July 2015.

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